Simplifying acrobat removals’ sales process, while improving their customers' experience

Using HubSpot marketing software to streamline the quoting process, for a happier customer and a more effective team!

Acrobat Removals provides prompt and reliable moving services in Newcastle and surrounds. The team takes a lot of pride in delivering a service that eliminates stress from every stage of their customers’ moving experience.

Over the years they have had both internal and external marketing resourcing, so when they came to us, they had a clear list of goals they were really passionate about. The main focus was providing a customer quoting solution that delivered on that stress-free experience they strive for – meaning it needed to be straightforward, effective, and easy to use for customers, while also reducing the administrative burden on their team.

The situation

The team really wanted to ensure a consistent approach to their marketing, that truly reflected their brand. But the first action was to ensure that once a prospective customer had made contact that their approach to quoting was streamlined.

Previously, the team had provided potential customers with a pretty standard paper-based inventory form for calculating the quantity of belongings to be transported, and therefore the vehicle size, hours, and manpower required to complete the move. This was then used to create a quote.

However, they found they were losing clients because the process of printing, completing, scanning, and returning the completed paper form was slow, cumbersome… and frankly outdated. It also required manual entry into their database – putting pressure on the administrative team, and extending the time required to produce quotes, meaning that they lost high value leads.

The solution

Using HubSpot’s sophisticated CRM & Marketing tools to improve Acrobat Removal’s quoting process

We set about finding a modern solution to Acrobat Removal’s quoting process – through the use of our preferred CRM, Marketing and Sales software, HubSpot. As a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, we were able to lean on our in-depth knowledge of the system to find a set up that achieved the desired functionality for both Acrobat Removals and its clients.

Rather than your usual contact or sales form, this complex brief called for a highly customised set up that incorporated specific room and furniture inventory fields, with additional sections becoming available dependent on the previous options selected. Luckily, our team loves a challenge!

“The team delivered exactly what I wanted. We now have an online inventory form which is easy for our customers to use, which automatically inputs data into our CRM, and which is easy for me to manage – whether I’m in the office or out on the road. It seems to be working for our customers too, as we’ve seen an increase in booking conversions since it was launched.

Having an online form that helps to automate our sales process has really helped improve our response time and conversion rate on new customers.” – Jord Petersen, Operations Manager of Acrobat Removals & Storage.

The results

Improved customer experience, with accurate quotes, delivered faster!

Acrobat Removals has seen a significant increase in customer conversions through the new inventory form.

Previously around 75-80 per cent of quoted jobs converted to bookings – which is already significantly higher than the industry average of 50 per cent.

Since implementing the inventory form, conversion has increased to 85-90 per cent. In addition, more efficient processes, and reduced quote turnaround time, has meant less leads are going cold.

This conversion rate jumps to 100% via social media.

Looking to streamline your sales and marketing processes? Want to get more time back in your day?

Our team of HubSpot specialists are experts at solving existing challenges, identifying new opportunities to improve your sales process, and implementing cutting edge systems and tools to allow you to convert leads – faster and more often.

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