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Brand Industry Print has over 15 years of printing excellence. They specialise in developing labels, stickers, decals, and signage suited to a range of industry needs.

Based in Perth, they provide printing solutions to both big and small businesses, manufacturers, retailers, resellers, and individuals Australia-wide. Offering a personalised customer experience and building genuine connections is at the core of their business model. They pair this with refined expertise and unmatched technological innovation, which sets them apart from conventional printing specialists. Their printing business website however, failed to capture the breadth of their capability and core values.

The situation

Brand Industry Print partnered with us to translate the brand they had built for over 15 years into a website which was engaging, versatile and enabled quick enquiry. Before working with us, however, they had been discouraged by their experience with another agency.

This agency had failed to understand the brief, ignoring their brand and key messages. The result was marketing that didn’t align to their brand, core messaging and target audience. 

Our job was to update the narrative and develop a printing business website that captured the full essence of Brand Industry Print – their values, the core of who they are, and what makes them special.

Upon review of their current website we found a number of opportunities to improve performance:

  • Their existing site had poor SEO, meaning it was difficult for people to find their solutions through a simple Google search.
  • The content on their website was kept very bare. There was little information to convey the full breadth of services offered, industries they worked with or their expertise.
  • Despite having a highly visual product offering and service capability, this was not being showcased to its full extent.
  • A lot of enquiries generated through the website were education-based. The enquirers wanted to learn more about their services and products, as the site didn’t offer this information elsewhere. Instead of the website generating leads, it generated questions that could be easily answered and which then consumed the team’s time. If only the information was readily available on the website.
  • Despite having a team of highly skilled printing experts with expansive knowledge, their site didn’t allow for shareable resources or information to help customers.
  • The call-to-actions (CTAs) on the website were inconsistent. This can lead to confusion, decision fatigue and a poor user journey, which can result in reduced enquiry.

The goal was to take these findings into account and develop a website which considers all pieces of the puzzle – the brand, their expertise, the information customers need to act, clear directions, an optimised experience and SEO-friendly content.

At each stage, it was vital to value the customer journey without compromising the messaging that makes Brand Industry Print unique.

The plan

The Strategy

We kicked off our Website Discovery Meeting with Brand Industry Print, with the team wanting to launch the new site within three months.

Our first step was to review their existing sitemap and propose a new structure optimised for the customer journey. The revised sitemap aimed to provide a streamlined and intuitive navigation experience for visitors while showcasing the company’s full-service capabilities effectively.

Copy creation

Our skilled copywriters collaborated closely with the client to develop website copy that accurately reflected their unique services, including small batch and speciality offerings. Emphasising strategic SEO integration and value-aligned messaging, the new copy was crafted to avoid unnecessary fluff.

This approach was particularly important, as their previous agency had overlooked this critical request.

Community engagement focus

Recognising the importance of Swietelsky Rail Australia’s involvement in the local community, we featured their sponsorship contributions as an employer and showcased project examples to demonstrate their impact.


Our graphic design team worked meticulously to integrate Brand Industry Print’s brand identity throughout the website.

Utilising distinctive patterns, colours, and dynamic imagery, we created a visually appealing and cohesive online presence. The design included animated elements, such as moving images and circles, to add a modern and engaging touch.

Content organisation

To highlight the company’s expertise, we strategically categorised their previous work by industry and product type.

This organisation allowed customers to easily navigate information and source products based on their interests, ensuring a seamless browsing experience without any confusion or delay.

Technical enhancements

We implemented a new hosting solution to improve website speed and reliability, incorporating daily backups to enhance data security. Additionally, we configured and set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to provide comprehensive insights into website performance and user behaviour, enabling data-driven decision-making.


The results

  • Successfully developed and designed a robust 22-page website that offers an intuitive user experience.
  • Established a comprehensive Knowledge Base using HubSpot’s advanced functionality, enabling Brand Industry Print’s team to effortlessly add and update FAQs and technical information. This ensures customers from all industry backgrounds and skill levels have access to valuable information.
  • Enhanced the backend with a user-friendly interface, streamlining content management and making updates and maintenance effortless for the entire team.
  • Improved mobile optimisation, resulting in greater accessibility across various devices and significantly expanding audience reach.
  • Our SEO and complementary marketing efforts achieved a 63 per cent increase in active users visiting the site and 55 per cent more website sessions compared to the previous year, indicating higher user interest and engagement.
  • Achieved a 1.3% increase in new users compared to returning users, highlighting the website’s success in attracting fresh visitors and expanding the audience base, which is crucial for growth and engagement.
  • The structure of the site has led to an increase of 18 per cent for page views per user. This demonstrates the site’s ability to keep visitors engaged, take them along the customer journey, provide information, value-focused and compelling content and help them find solutions.
  • Over 80 per cent of user sessions originated from Google or other search engines, highlighting the significant role of SEO in generating interest and engagement.

These results not only showcase the success of the new website, but also highlight the enhanced user experience and accessibility.

This has benefited Brand Industry Print’s customers by providing them with valuable, easy-to-access information whilst enjoying a seamless browsing experience.

"Working with the team was an absolute pleasure, and I was thrilled with the depth and quality of the work they delivered.

Despite the time difference here in Perth, they worked closely with us, demonstrating exceptional dedication and flexibility. Their understanding and emulation of our brand’s tone and expertise were impressive, making it a priority to reflect our voice accurately in the copy.

“Their attention to detail was outstanding as they developed our product and industry pages, ensuring that every aspect of what we do was captured without missing any fine print.

“The work they did on HubSpot was particularly valuable, providing not only the technical setup but also hands-on training that has been immensely beneficial for our team. Walking us through the ins and outs of the system has made a lasting impact, and the ongoing benefits are clear.

“Overall, their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has been evident throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with the results and are so glad we have The Marketing GP as an ongoing marketing partner.”

Robyn Dorn

Brand Industry Print

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