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We provided a complete rebrand service and modern brand design suite to help merge Bridges Lake Macquarie and WP Partners and launch Collective Financial Partners.

Bridges Lake Macquarie and WP Partners have been long-term clients of The Marketing GP. In 2020, the team decided to further personalise their approach to client financial planning and accounting with Bridges Lake Macquarie separating from the franchise and WP Partners joining the team, resulting in Collective Financial Partners.

The situation

As a result of the merge, they client required a sophisticated, professional and modern name and rebranding approach to bring both brands under the one brand.

In alignment with the new brand, the client wanted a user-friendly website that offered a great user experience, and a rebrand marketing strategy and ongoing implementation. The brand needed to be impactful across all its marketing channels and printed collateral suite.

“They wanted a simple, professional, yet strikingly unique brand suite for their new business that immediately connects with the needs of modern customers.” – Alyssa Brault, Manager, Marketing Strategy.

The solution

The main goal of the rebrand was to develop a brand that encompassed both businesses, was modern, distinguishable and effective across all channels.

The name

We led the team in their brainstorming around a name to represent their approach. The Directors all provided input, with a number of names shortlisted.

We provided advice and input around the chosen name – Collective Financial Partners – to help first progress the brand shift. The name reflects the coming together of wealth and financial advice professionals under the one banner for a more holistic financial growth experience for clients – all services available from one place.

The name also reflects the partnership that the team takes pride in delivering. They work collaboratively with clients to deliver a financial strategy that is individualised around their short term and long term goals.

The brand

Our team of experienced designers crafted the brand’s logo and design suite to embrace a modern, professional feel and reflect the new business name.

The colour palette chosen for Collective Financial Partners focuses on feelings of trust, security and reliability. The light blue suggests safety, whilst the dark blue is associated with intelligence, reliability and trust. Importantly, the contrast between the tones helps Collective Financial Partners stand out across all marketing channels.

Coming from a traditional brand, we moved Collective Financial Partners’ font choice in the direction of a progressive, modern and clean style. With the name being long, the font needed to be legible and easy for people to engage with and understand.

The logo itself was designed to be remarkable. The circle represents wholeness and unity, but also contains the C, F and P in pieces. This shows the coming together of the different specialties of financial planning/wealth building and accounting under the one brand name. Importantly, the logo is easily recognisable even without the business name beside it, so it can stand on its own across marketing channels.


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The results

The brand developed is reflective of both organisations coming under the one name to offer a better service to their clients. The brand motifs are modern, professional and easily recognisable across all platforms.

The team is extremely happy with the new look and the cotemporary style of their marketing collateral, website and brand overall.

A good brand is the secret sauce for any business.

It incorporates your purpose, why and key messaging, and ties it all together in a package that is irresistible to your target clientele.

Our experienced team of brand strategists and graphic designers can turn a tired brand into something you will be proud of and instantly connects with your audience.


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