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The situation

Swietelsky Rail Australia, a subsidiary of Swietelsky International, faced significant challenges with their website. Their previous site primarily focused on the international business, neglecting to highlight the unique offerings and services of the Australian arm. Website navigation was cumbersome, with some information irrelevant to their Australian clients, and there was a lack of clear calls to action for website visitors. Additionally, the site failed to showcase the company’s extensive national presence and experience in the Australian rail industry or effectively communicate the (phenomenal) benefits of working at Swietelsky Rail Australia.

The plan

Launching a new website and revamping Swietelskys’s online presence

Navigating the server side of the parent Swietelsky website, which was primarily in Austrian, presented a unique hurdle for our team as it was half in English and half in German (shout out to Google Translate).  Despite the time difference and language barrier we were determine to proactively collaborate with the Austrian Swietelsky team to ensure the best outcome for our Australian clients. From a design perspective we needed to align with the corporate brand, as well as conform to the website’s structure, while ensuring that key elements from the Australian brand were showcased.

Never shy of a challenge, our team crafted a comprehensive plan to showcase Swietelsky Rail Australia’s unique services and employee value proposition.

Localised content

We developed copy that specifically highlighted the business service offerings within Australia, ensuring relevance to local clients while incorporating SEO strategies to improve website visibility and reach.

Community engagement focus

Recognising the importance of Swietelsky Rail Australia’s involvement in the local community, we featured their sponsorship contributions as an employer and showcased project examples to demonstrate their impact.

Brand integration

We worked seamlessly with the Swietelsky International team members to integrate the Australian brand and ethos into the website design and messaging, creating a cohesive online identity with the international website.

Enhanced UX & UI plan

Updates to the sitemap and optimised user navigation paths to provide a smoother customer journey, whilst making it easier for visitors to find relevant information.

Visual engagement

Incorporated video elements throughout the website to not only added visual appeal but also provided dynamic examples of Swietelsky Rail Australia’s work and capabilities.

By blending our expertise in website creation with a collaborative mindset and a keen focus on tailoring everything to suit local preferences, we’ve played a key role in elevating Swietelsky Rail Australia’s standing as a top provider in the Australian rail sector.

The results

Our efforts haven’t just refreshed Swietelsky Raili Australia’s online presence; we’ve crafted an experience that’s user-friendly and visually stunning, thanks to our meticulous UX & UI plan and expert website design.

Through our strategic SEO, their website now enjoys greater visibility across the web, attracting more attention from relevant Australian audiences. Additionally, copywriting has infused their website with an engaging tone that resonates with their target market.

“The recently published new Australian website is a best practice case of how to showcase and promote the individual portfolio of a country that does not offer the whole group-wide range of services and business activities.

Head of Company Communications

Swietelsky International

“We really wanted to solidify Swietelsky Rail Australia as a separate subsidiary to Swietelsky Rail in Europe, and knew our new website needed to represent who we are.

The Marketing GP took all of our ideas and transformed our site into exactly what we were hoping for. We now have a clear outline of our business and our values that still aligns with the Swietelsky brand, with an Australian touch.

We’re so grateful for the team at The Marketing GP and couldn’t recommend them enough!”

Anne Modderno

Managing Director | Swietelsky Rail Australia

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