Reducing the reporting burden on TROG Cancer Research’s admin team

Reporting to stakeholders simplified and marketing to members and the community made easy by making the move to HubSpot.

TROG Cancer Research is a not-for-profit organisation that oversees cancer research trials in Australia and globally. They have a large membership base of professionals in the industry, stakeholders that require frequent reporting, and a need to market to the community as part of their fundraising initiatives.

The situation

In the past, TROG Cancer Research had a broken technology stack, with different software serving different purposes and not speaking to each other effectively. The fundraising tool they were using was challenging to navigate and their membership database was not clean.

The other challenge was that their CRM did not allow them to export the reports they needed to send to stakeholders (such as Cancer Australia and the TROG Board) regarding their members. Their admin team was forced to spend hours every reporting period manipulating the data they could access to suit their needs. In addition, the data they needed was not easy to source from their CRM, it was vulnerable to errors as it was entered using a free text field, it was muddled over multiple fields, and it had to be pulled on the exact day of reporting, as there was no way to set up an auto report based on a specific timeframe.

A simple CRM solution was needed, that would tick all needs and was easy to use, rather than a disconnected, Frankenstein technology solution.

The solution

The Marketing GP was working with TROG Cancer Research as their outsourced marketing team. After identifying their pain points, we found a solution through HubSpot’s advanced range of sales and marketing tools.

They are now running their member and community communication activities through HubSpot and can gain an in-depth understanding and control over how members and the community are interacting with the organisation.

The creation of their HubSpot setup has provided the opportunity to clean their current database to focus on contacts that are current and more valuable to the organisation.

The results

The implementation of HubSpot has radically streamlined the processes that TROG Cancer Research’s team was previously following. Already, TROG has benefited from the following results:

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