Hi, I'm Alyssa Brault, Manager Marketing Strategy at the marketing gp.

I love helping businesses tell their story and find that sweet spot in their marketing that turns the right heads.

Alyssa Brault is our Manager Marketing Strategy and is passionate about creating solutions for businesses that are creative and innovative. 

Social media and digital marketing have made global competition an everyday challenge for local businesses. Stock-standard marketing is about as interesting as watching submerged submarine racing. Alyssa strives to solve this by finding that sweet spot in our client’s marketing that turns the right heads in the right way.

Over more than a decade, Alyssa has worked with big businesses, family-owned establishments, charities, innovators and start-ups. Alyssa has completed a Masters in Communication Management from UTS. Alyssa also holds a Bachelor in Communications from the University of Newcastle and loves learning everything about new technology.

My passion is to help my clients stand out through bold and strategic marketing.

In my role as Manager Marketing Strategy, I have the wonderful honour of working on the strategies for The Marketing GP’s clients. In addition, I oversee our agency’s production process to ensure everything we deliver is on point.

I love getting to the heart of a business, its people and mission. My passion is sharing that story through quality and engaging branding and targeted marketing tools. 

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Alyssa Brault, The Marketing GP

giving you the competitive edge

I want our clients to consistently be one step ahead of competitors. Which is why we’re constantly testing new technologies, throwing ourselves behind the camera and finding the right strategies to get our clients the best results.

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Alyssa Brault, The Marketing GP