Hi, I’m Brittany Deller, Digital Marketing Strategist of The Marketing GP.

Helping you reach new audiences through strategic marketing.

Brittany Deller’s background lies in fashion and tech start-ups. Her mixed bag of skills allow her to be adaptable to your brand’s unique needs and her creative flair brings a competitive edge to our clients. Britt is passionate about cyber innovation, finding new ways to help your brand reach new audiences and heights through engaging, effective and conversion-focused digital advertising, especially when it is driven by data.

When she’s not in The Marketing GP hub, you will find Britt at weddings and events being a sought-after Master of Ceremonies. You’ll quickly be able to tell where her confidence streams from.

Create digital strategies that set your clients apart

Eye-catching advertisements are key tools in generating leads. When campaigns are set up correctly, they have the potential to attract the right leads to your website – the leads that convert! Engaging advertisements that speak to your buyer personas unique needs and addresses pain points will connect with them immediately.

My passion is for creating digital content that is designed around your unique brand voice and the needs of your segmented buyer personas. Like no two audiences are the same, your ad strategy should contain a unique suite of ads that are personalised. No two should be the same!

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I've worked in a range of marketing environments, giving me the ability to be adaptable, put myself in your consumers' shoes and find that edge you need to outrun competitors.
Brittany Deller, The Marketing GP

master your marketing

The Marketing GP team will tell you I am the life of the party. I enjoy being social, and I think that my experience as an MC has allowed me to grow my confidence.

I also have a genuine interest in marketing and technology advancements, staying across opportunities so our clients can benefit too.

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Brittany Deller, The Marketing GP