Hi, I'm Claire Raymond, Inbound Marketing manager of the marketing gp.

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We all know how annoying it can be to be peppered with ads and messages that you didn’t seek, and have no interest in. inbound marketing flips the customer experience by using targeted and valuable content, and Claire Raymond is our inbound marketing guru. The Marketing GP deliver solutions that have a positive impact on your customers.

Claire has spent the last decade supporting local and international organisations in marketing, communications and branding projects. Having a strong interest in project management, Claire’s focus is on identifying and implementing innovative tools and systems to improve business performance.

Regardless of your business size, Claire understands that resources are finite. Therefore it’s important to ensure that you have the right infrastructure in place to draw your customers to you.

Working with you to truly understand your business, goals, customers and unique strengths, Claire develops a personalised Inbound Marketing strategy. Our team recommends tools which will not only attract new prospects to your website, but continue to support, and empower them long after they become a customer.

Focus on the right tools that attract your customers and empowers them to stay connected

With a lifelong passion for literature, I am a keen copywriter and editor, and enjoy creating meaningful and targeted content which can be utilised across a range of platforms to bring customers to your door.

Having recently relocated to Newcastle after spending the majority of my life in Melbourne and Sydney, I bring a wealth of knowledge of the corporate world. I take pride in my ability to build strong partnerships with internal and external stakeholders in a variety of business sizes, structures and industries.

Striving to remain current on all emerging marketing, I focus upon communication, and leadership trends and tools.

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Claire Raymond, The Marketing GP

tactical inbound marketing will work wonders for your business

“How can we do things better?” – This question drives me and I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you. Together, we will find new solutions to your marketing challenges.

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Claire Raymond, The Marketing GP