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Hi, I'm Gemma Ferguson, Client Services Coordinator of the marketing gp.

working together to get results for your business.

Joining The Marketing GP team in late 2017, Gemma Ferguson jumped straight into her role as a Client Services Coordinator. Gemma has studied and completed work experience in related fields and been involved in sectors such as tourism, event management, radio, customer service, print and local advertising, which have made her a great fit in this role. Gemma loves being part of such a close team and is excited to see what the future holds!

Having learnt a lot in her role, Gemma still finds it difficult to  answer the question “so what is it you do?” The short answer is, a little bit of everything!

Gemma’s main passion and focus is writing, and she loves that she gets the opportunity to write across a wide range of genres! Our focus is to write in the ‘voice’ of our clients, which means my writing is constantly evolving and improving.

Gemma also manages social media for a variety of clients. She creates content, but also ensures that we engage with the public and respond to any queries or comments. Being an avid social media user in her personal life, this is another part of the job that she has a lot of fun with. If you ever see a post on our social media with a pun or lame ‘dad joke’ in it, you can bet it was Gemma who wrote it.

applying creative thinking to help your business thrive

Within the team, I usually take the lead in YouTube and our in-house marketing. I’m passionate about Instagram, which is one of my main responsibilities. Having researched and written about features relevant to the platform, like hashtags and stories, I take pride in my unique knowledge about the platform. In 2020, I’ll be furthering my knowledge-base with training in software like HubSpot.

Other areas I work in include website management, client liaison, event preparation and delivery, marketing strategy planning, image design and much more!

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Gemma Ferguson, The Marketing GP

hit play on your marketing tune

As well as being my clients’ right-hand marketing man, I’m undertaking a further year of study to pursue Honours with a journalism project.

Outside of work my passions include cooking, travel and writing, but I also enjoy being physically and socially active.

I love all things music and am always up for a concert or festival. In my down time, you can find me binge-watching new TV shows, or re-watching some of my old favourites like Friends.

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