Hi, I’m Lisa Donnelly, Marketing Traffic Manager at the Marketing GP.

I support the team to ensure our client’s projects meet deadlines, expectations and outcomes.

Marketing for any client is a puzzle – there are multiple pieces that are needed and placed into the right place at the right time to get results. As our Marketing Traffic Manager, Lisa Donnelly oversees every aspect of our client’s projects and marketing activities to ensure efficiency and success.

Lisa has a rich history working in a marketing agency environment, having started her marketing agency career back in the 90s. Since then she has worked in agencies and corporate marketing departments around the world, giving her a unique understanding of the needs of an internal marketing team and how to best partner with an external marketing team for the best results.

I am passionate about my role in our clients experience

I play a big part in ensuring every piece of creative and content is delivered on time and to spec.

We have a team of experienced and professional general marketing practitioners and specialists. Together we achieve big results for our clients. But we’re also hard workers and keep many balls in the air to ensure our clients experience the best results from their marketing investment. I help ensure everyone is working collaboratively, is empowered and aware of the deadlines and expectations around a marketing activity.

You could call me the gatekeeper for all tasks within our marketing team. I juggle multiple priorities behind closed doors to deliver amazing, successful campaigns for our clients. I oversee scheduling decisions, deadlines and lead the process in the right direction with efficiency in mind.

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Lisa Donnelly, The Marketing GP

I love getting to know our client’s and what makes their business tick.

Having lived and worked overseas I have a strong appreciation for business cultures, styles, and personality types. I am passionate about building my knowledge of our client’s industries, their goals, visions and their ‘why’.

It’s probably because I am curious by nature and never afraid to go all in.

On the weekends you will find me experiencing something fresh and fun, or planning for my next cultural adventure overseas.

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Lisa Donnelly, The Marketing GP