Hi, I’m Marcie Cheers, Copywriter & Content Coordinator at The Marketing GP.

Helping you get to the heart of your brand & vision through persuasive, engaging content.

Marcie Cheers brings over half a decade worth of professional experience developing copy and content designed to engage, convert and keep your customers to The Marketing GP. Marcie previously co-managed and wrote content for Yak Media, worked for ABC radio on the Morning Show co-producing, writing content and interviewing talent, and even created her own aired radio segment.

She has extensive experience as an editor, is a natural creative and has crafted the right words for businesses across various industries.

Grab your audience more effectively through copy that sells

Quality copy counts for a lot in today’s world. It boosts your performance on SEO, fast tracks leads to paying customers, and strengthens your brand perception and loyalty. Good copy turns heads and engages with your customers in a way that immediately connects. From the intricate construction of a headline that leads people to read on, to crafting SEO content that is still engaging and writing for different brand voices, copywriting is an artform and one that I am passionate about.

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I have extensive experience writing copy for websites, social media, branding materials, blogs/news and media.
Marcie Cheers, The Marketing GP

Creative content for your business.

I am probably the biggest introverted extrovert you will ever meet. When I am in the zone, I am generally pretty quiet so I can crunch out content for a full website. But when you get to know me outside of the office, it’s hard to get me to be quiet.

I am a good mix of an astrological lover, music fiend, Christmas enthusiast and world traveller. But I will only tell you about my interests if you ask!


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Marcie Cheers, The Marketing GP