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Hi, I'm Tiffany law, client services coordinator of the marketing gp.

Looking to take your business marketing to the next level? Get in touch.

We often receive compliments from clients and associates about the kind and intelligent contribution that Tiffany makes in any conversation. Tiffany is a real go-getter and constantly striving to learn new things that can be passed on to our clients.

Her passion for the business and marketing industry began at a young age. After initially thinking her career would take her down a numbers route, she accidentally fell upon the thrill of creating new ideas, writing powerful content and unravelling digital marketing trends to help businesses grow and thrive.

So Tiffany studied a Bachelor in Business at the University of Newcastle and took a proactive involvement in event management, digital and social media marketing, international business, customer service and tourism projects with the student alumni. During all the chaos of 2020, Tiffany found her way through our doors and has left her mark quickly as a Client Services Coordinator.

I work across all online marketing areas for our amazing clients.

 I help to deliver strategies for our clients that are impactful and combine tactics such as content creation, social media management, lead nurturing, public relations, website development and more.

An enthusiastic member of The Marketing GP’s morning coffee crew, I like to bring an energy into the business and for our clients that is driven by results. We deliver the sparkle for every client, giving them the edge they need to leave their competitors in the dust.

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Alyssa Brault, The Marketing GP

giving you the competitive edge

Outside of work, I like to keep busy by spending time outdoors and discovering little nooks of the world that simply need to be explored. I am also really passionate about creating art and unleashing my creativity, staying physically active (and convincing my friends and family to join me), and trying new things that get me out of my comfort zone.

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