Labours of Love

Caring for our community

Lending our marketing expertise to build brands that matter

Our team is passionate about building brands and delivering marketing that makes an impact, and that commitment shines through the results we achieve for our clients but also through the charity work we do.

We know that many community-serving causes have a tight marketing and fundraising budget, and yet their impact is needed most by our communities. We’ve given our time, skills, networks and expertise to help support causes that our team member’s and clients hold close to their hearts.

We’re also advocates when it comes to encouraging our clients to choose causes that align with their values. Making a commitment to incorporate charity work in their marketing and business plans isn’t just a way for our clients to do good. In a world where social proof matters, it’s a vital element of a successful and impactful brand.

Here are just some of the amazing and meaningful organisations we have been lucky to be involved in.
, The Marketing GP

We always aim to do good work, but we also want to do work that does good!

We love having not-for-profit organisations as clients. Operating under a strict budget and with targeted fundraising goals in a highly competitive space brings out some of our best ideas. But we’re also passionate about caring for causes outside of our client-base.

Over the years we have supported a number of charities and not-for-profits in a variety of ways. Whether that be through contra access to our brilliant team of marketing specialists, a cash donation and volunteering our time on boards.

The charity work we do aligns with who we are, our values, our clients and our team’s personal experiences and goals.

Adding value to a cause we care about and that in turn gives back to a community in need is something we are pretty proud about.
, The Marketing GP
, The Marketing GP
, The Marketing GP
, The Marketing GP