Take a look at our HQ

Take a look inside your marketing agency in Newcastle

We may not sit down the hall, but we work so cohesively with your business that you’ll feel like we are part of your team.

Come on in and take a seat – welcome to The Marketing GP, a marketing agency in Newcastle with headquarters in Carrington. We have an inspiring team of big thinkers, innovators, tinklers, artists, strategists and passionate go-getters based in our office. Offering both specialists and general practitioners, we’ve designed our marketing agency to offer one simple solution to your marketing needs.

Marketing agency Newcastle, The Marketing GP
Marketing agency Newcastle, The Marketing GP
Marketing agency Newcastle, The Marketing GP
Marketing agency Newcastle, The Marketing GP

Our marketing agency headquarters is designed to be a creative space for our people

From a soundproofed podcast room and video green screen to a meeting room and creative, quiet spots for deep thinking, our marketing agency headquarters in Newcastle is designed to offer a space that is as inspiring as our people.

Our tight-knit team means we can really bounce ideas around and deliver the goods for our clients

There’s something special about the culture we have at The Marketing GP. We’re not afraid to battle one another in competitive games of spoons. We’ve been known to become competitive over a game of trivia. We love a good cocktail and snack board and we have our own chocolate bar in the office (a perk our team loves)!

We strive to create an infectiously supportive, fun, interesting and yet productive environment for our team. We work extremely hard during the day, but then take opportunities to celebrate our wins, spend time together and acknowledge one another’s achievements.

We post each other’s wins in a boom snap communal chat, hold regular team meetings with lunch and coffee (important!) included and have dinners scheduled out throughout the year before it even begins!

Our socials are a pretty realistic representation of who you will see and the culture you will experience behind the doors of our office.

Giving our team time to give back

Our team members are as passionate about doing good as we are. So to support them in their endeavours to help create a stronger, more resilient community and even give back to some of the businesses we’ve worked with, we give every employee a full paid day off each year (pro rata for staff working less than three days) to show gratitude by volunteering or contributing to the community.

Some of our team members elect to give blood through Australian Red Cross, others prefer to get their hands dirty doing physical work for a local charity. No matter where their heart takes them, we are actively helping them to make their mark.

Marketing agency Newcastle, The Marketing GP

We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions to business marketing

We’re not about preparing a strategy and rolling it out for as many clients as possible. We love getting to the heart and soul of your brand and creating a marketing strategy that is as unique as you and that fits the right pieces into the your marketing puzzle! As part of that process, we take the opportunity to deep dive into your business. We hold a pre-strategy meeting to gain a greater understanding of your business, what makes you tick and your goals so we can provide the best marketing solutions.

Our clients are our extended family, so you’ll often find them visiting our office, rolling out ideas with our team in the meeting rooms, or dropping by for a quick photo for their social media (something we strongly encourage)!

Marketing agency Newcastle, The Marketing GP
Want to come behind the scenes to see where the magic happens?
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