Marketing Campaigns

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Are you looking for a way to launch a new product with a bang? Want to create a buzz around a new idea or build a powerful digital strategy that attracts the right leads based around a key message, service or goal? Our marketing campaigns are the perfect way to add a little wow to your big idea, event, new product/service or milestone!

Our marketing campaign service helps you to get in front of the right people, in the right way, at the right time through strategic marketing centered around one core service, product, message or outcome.

Marketing campaigns, The Marketing GP

Here’s how our marketing campaigns work

1. Intell & discovery

We work with you to understand your goals, your core offering and what you want to achieve from your marketing activities for this campaign or project.

2. Audience audit

We define and review your audience to understand what makes them tick – from their behaviours and interests to their demographics, having a deep understanding of your audience allows us to better target your campaign content.

3. Concept creation

We collaborate with your team to develop a concept for your campaign, whether that includes video and photo creation, digital advertising for lead generation, storyboarding and interviews for storytelling, landing pages and website creation, and more.

4. Assets design

We work behind the scenes to create landing pages, ads, graphics, video and more to deliver your campaign in the most effective and powerful way.

5. Campaign delivery

We put the strategy to action by rolling out the agreed activities and tracking results along the way so we can tweak your activities if needed.

6. Reporting

We provide reporting so you can understand what worked, what could help improve your outcomes further and provide any takeaways for future campaigns.

We cover all aspects of the marketing campaign footprint.

We’ve worked with councils to create interest in new event tools, with government bodies on recruitment campaigns, with local businesses to create a refined lead gathering and nurturing campaign, with not-for-profits looking to drive engagement and donations and more…

We cover all aspects of the marketing campaign footprint to ensure all your marketing activities work together seamlessly, are feeding the next stage in your customer journey and produce results against your initial campaign goal.

Marketing campaigns, The Marketing GP
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Marketing campaigns, The Marketing GP
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