About The Marketing GP

The Marketing GP ignites the potential of businesses through unique marketing that is strategic, integrated and leveraged.

Here’s a little bit about us before we learn more about you…

The Marketing GP provides strategic marketing that gives our clients a competitive edge, turns heads and fuels business growth.

We offer a complete marketing solution. And although we’re a strategic marketing agency based in Newcastle, we serve businesses across the Hunter region, Sydney, Central Coast, NSW and Australia-wide.

We’re unique. We’re occasionally loud. Plus we love a good sequined jacket. And we’re more than just a team, we’re also good mates! 

Our team of experienced and creative marketing, communication, advertising, copywriting, design, digital, public relations, website, events and social media professionals share one great passion for effective brands and outcomes-driven marketing. We’re problem solvers and ideas people. So it’s no wonder we’re fond of a great story (we can’t wait to hear yours!).

Unlike many other businesses that specialise in one area of marketing, The Marketing GP looks at the big picture

We know marketing can sometimes feel like an endless maze, with two many puzzle pieces to put together for your business. We make it simple! And keep communication at the heart of our relationship, so you always know how your marketing is working for you.

The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP
We've been delivering marketing solutions to a range of businesses for more than a decade.

As general practitioners in marketing, we are across all areas of your marketing to ensure you gain the best outcomes from your strategy, content and investment. And whilst we oversee all areas of promoting your business, our team includes specialists in all aspects of marketing. We keep our finger on the pulse for new technologies and techniques, test them on ourselves, and help you leverage them if they’re the best fit for your business and clients.

We are marketing General Practitioners, i.e. The Marketing GP. 

The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP
We've been delivering marketing solutions to a range of businesses for more than a decade.

The Marketing GP looks a little different to what we did in 2012.

The Marketing GP started as a one-person show under the name of Just Holly, which was the brainchild of our Chief Marketer, Holly Martin. However, as the team grew to meet the growing demand from our brilliant clients, the name didn’t quite fit anymore. 

It doesn’t take a genius to work out why! 

So in a few short years our business evolved from a solo practitioner to a team of experts each offering their own unique flavour to the strategies we deliver to our clients.


The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP

And so began our greatest rebranding adventure – rebranding ourselves into The Marketing GP.

We know and appreciate how much passion, attention to detail, commitment and hard work goes into a successful brand and business. We love getting to the heart of our client’s businesses, finding the right tools and strategies for them, and making them great through outcome-driven marketing.

As a result, The Marketing GP’s track-record for getting results beyond what our clients expect is something we are really proud of.

The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP
The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP
The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP
The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP

Now you know us, are we the right piece for your marketing puzzle?

We partner with businesses that want to grow through strategic, impactful marketing

We work with clients that are big and small, who work in the Hunter and Newcastle region, NSW, Australia or even serve globally. Our clients operate in various industries, such as financial advisers, retailers, health care professionals, manufacturers, e-commerce, construction companies, the legal sector, importers, mining suppliers, transport, education, research and charity.

And for every client we work with, we create a tailored solution and deliver services that will work best for your business.

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach (though we’re happy to take any cookies off your hands if you’re offering). As a result, we ensure you see real results and traction when it comes to attracting, converting and keeping your customers.

The Marketing GP, The Marketing GP
Ready to get back more time to spend on the bigger business needs?
Book a chat with our Chief Marketer, Holly Martin.

Come & find us

Far from a stale doctor’s office, The Marketing GP is based in a vibrant, creative (and purple) hub in the heart of Carrodise – otherwise known as Carrington in Newcastle. Drop in if you want to chat marketing. But be prepared for questionable jokes, plenty of laughs and, importantly, overfilled lolly jars (unless the team gets to them first).

You can also find us online, via all social platforms! Stop in and leave us a like.