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Creating & implementing effective & integrated marketing services for your business

Do you feel like you keep having a crack at marketing, but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Is your approach inconsistent and irregular? And is your budget really achieving the return on investment you need? 

Without diving deeper, we can already pinpoint the problem with your current marketing approach. You’re probably doing your marketing in an ad hoc way. Which is understandable! We’re all busy and it’s hard to find the time.

That’s where we come in. We’re like the ultimate marketing project managers. We make sure that not only does everything happen, but that you use your content more than once.

Your marketing services partner

The key focus of The Marketing GP is getting to the heart of your business, developing a strategic marketing plan and implementing the right strategies to help you find, convert and keep your customers.

Unlike other businesses that focus on one area of marketing, we take a holistic approach to your marketing. We don’t believe there is value for businesses by focusing on one marketing stream in isolation. The combined experience and expertise of The Marketing GP team means we have all marketing bases covered. The marketing strategies we create and deliver for our clients incorporate all marketing and communication tools relevant to each individual client.

The Marketing GP team is a cohesive collaboration of marketing, communication, advertising, copywriting, design, digital, public relations, events and social media professionals dedicated to developing and delivering individualised strategic plans for our clients.

We’re not a one-size fits all operation. We are a team skilled in tailoring strategic, integrated and leveraged marketing plans to the unique needs of our clients.

Our key marketing services

marketing services, The Marketing GP

Marketing plan development

Fail to plan & plan to fail

Having a well-thought-out marketing strategy is the basis of any effective approach to marketing. And, just as every business is unique, we work in partnership with each client to develop a strategy unique to their goals.

We undertake a comprehensive client discovery to develop an in-depth understanding of how your business is currently positioned and your aspirations for the future. We then work together to create something that is realistic, effective and achievable. Importantly, we ensure no element of the resulting marketing strategy is undertaken in isolation.

marketing services, The Marketing GP

Marketing strategy implementation

putting words into action

Now that we’ve created your marketing plan, we work with you to implement the right tactics for your business. Think of us as your right hand marketing team. You’ll have access to a hub of marketing specialists who implement, measure and grow your marketing activities to help your business succeed.

Whether you need a full marketing team, specialists to compliment your current team or project support, we offer a range of partnership options to suit your business.

Our approach to your marketing involves a collaboration between inbound and outsourced marketing.

As general practitioners, our specialists cover all marketing services and areas

marketing services, The Marketing GP
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