Certified HubSpot Agency Partner

Grow your business through expert inbound marketing

Looking for a certified HubSpot Agency Partner in Newcastle? Our team specialises in HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service software onboarding and optimisation. We provide lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales enablement solutions – bringing in more leads, improving conversion rates, and boosting loyalty to your business.

We take a holistic approach to maximising results, first reviewing your customer journey and sales processes, then leveraging our years of experience to apply inbound marketing methodologies. We provide tailored HubSpot onboarding and optimisation plans, designed specifically for your business, goals, and ideal customers.

As a HubSpot marketing agency based in Newcastle, we are your go-to for inbound marketing, marketing automation, sales enablement, and customer service solutions. You’ll find that we’re hands-on HubSpot specialists… we’ll give your business a health check, identify any ailments, and provide an integrated approach that will drive healthier outcomes for your business.

HubSpot Agency Partner, The Marketing GP
The Marketing GP is your ideal HubSpot Partner. We offer the miracle cure you need to achieve optimal ROI on your marketing and sales activities
New to HubSpot?

Our HubSpot onboarding services lay the foundations for success – including full account configuration, CRM set up with segmentation specific to your business and target markets, as well as implementation of the tools your team needs to perform at their best.

Been using HubSpot for a while but know you can do more?

Been using HubSpot for a while but know you can do more? Our HubSpot optimisation services are just what you need to ensure you get the most out of the full suite of HubSpot software – across Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub. we’ll perform a full portal audit, identifying opportunities for improvement in the way the tools are currently being used, as well as guiding you through tools and resources that are being underutilised.

What do you get from your HubSpot Agency Partner?

We leverage HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service software to provide a holistic plan for all your business needs.

Lead generation

We integrate high-impact digital marketing and lead generation campaigns with HubSpot’s sophisticated marketing tools, such as landing pages, forms, smart CTAs, and automated email marketing. By driving traffic to your website, capturing their information, we pave the way for smooth conversions to customers.

Lead nurturing

We don’t just bring in the leads and then walk away. We work with you to implement HubSpot’s dedicated tools to retarget leads with relevant and useful content, while providing clear CTAs to boost conversion rates. By developing an exceptional customer experience, and removing any roadblocks in the buying process, we nurture those leads along the customer journey – before a seamless handover from your marketing to sales teams.

Email Marketing

Sick of throwing the net wide and just hoping for a bite? It’s time to get strategic! We leverage best practice CRM segmentation to take your email marketing to the next level. We deliver the targeted email marketing and content strategy you need to build your brand and attract the right customers. Taking a holistic approach, we build brand awareness and deliver the right messages, at the right time, in the right way for higher engagement with existing audiences, and increased market share.

Return on investment

You can spend millions on marketing campaigns, but you’ll never know which activities and platforms are driving results unless you have the right goals and reporting metrics in place. We use HubSpot’s sophisticated custom reporting tools to actively track your customers’ engagement at each step of their journey, providing the real-time data you need to understand your customer’s needs and interests and measure ROI. As your marketing partner, we continuously tweak and improve your inbound marketing approach, to ensure success.

Customer Loyalty

Your relationship with your customers shouldn’t end when they make a purchase. We use HubSpot’s dynamic Service Hub tools to deliver a customer service strategy that will have them coming back for more – and telling all their friends! Leveraging HubSpot chat flows, customer satisfaction surveys, NPS, conversations inbox, forms, knowledge base portals, and ticket automation, we give your team the tools they need to respond to customer enquiries efficiently and effectively. Our refined approach increases loyalty to your brand and the likelihood that your customers make additional purchases in the future.


Time is money, and too much of it is lost in admin. We work closely with your sales and marketing teams to understand where the blockages lie, and remove them using automation. HubSpot’s workflows are the holy grail of marketing and sales automation. Using workflows across HubSpot’s Sales, Marketing, or Service Hubs, we create automated marketing emails, internal notifications, tasks, data updates, and reports. This saves you time, and improves the customer experience. By structuring your automation to align with your goals, we turn your marketing and sales processes into well-oiled machines that operate with little ongoing input from you.

Why partner with us?

Enjoy one agency contact for all your marketing needs

Save time and money wasted on liaising with multiple marketing service providers. As a full-service marketing agency, we provide support in other areas such as campaigns, branding, traditional marketing, and events – meaning you can rely on one agency to do it all!

Get the best deal on your HubSpot subscription

As a certified HubSpot partner, we can get you the best deal, provide guidance on the right tools for your business and onboard your team so you can confidently use your new system. By engaging us for your HubSpot onboarding, you’ll also waive the mandatory HubSpot Onboarding fees – saving you thousands!

Scale up & down based on your needs

Whether it’s a short and intensive HubSpot portal onboarding project, to optimising your HubSpot account to ensure you get the most value for your investment, we are flexible to your needs. Want to push hard on new marketing tools and processes for a few weeks, then switch the focus to sales tools, to give your team time to familiarise themselves with the updates? No problems. We can design a HubSpot onboarding plan that suits your schedule – scaling weekly support up and down based on your needs.

Gain access to a team of HubSpot experts

Have previous projects been delayed due to an individual’s capacity or that trip to Europe they took right in the middle of a project? Our team of inbound marketing and HubSpot experts are here to support you… meaning you’re no longer at the mercy of one person’s availability or skillset.

HubSpot Agency Partner, The Marketing GP
Take your customer relationship management to the next level.
Book a chat with our Chief Marketer, Holly Martin and Inbound Marketing Manager, Claire Raymond.
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