Awarded Employer of Choice at the Business Hunter Awards!

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When we walked into the Business Hunter Awards this year, we had no idea that we’d be walking out with the award for Employer of Choice: 20 employees and under. 

We’re constantly encouraging our clients to enter awards as a PR and branding exercise, but rarely do so ourselves. 

It was an honour to be able to jazz up and take the stage for an award that recognises a focus within our business that we are extremely proud of.

We strive to be an Employer of Choice in all we do – we want to be the marketing agency people want to work with and for. We’ve embedded a culture of collaboration, high-performance, and personal and professional growth. We work extremely hard, but of course, we have fun while doing it.

Business Hunter Awards, The Marketing GP
Business Hunter Awards, The Marketing GP

We are a Happiness Certified business

Recently, we were accredited as a Happy Workplace by BU Happiness, with 88.5% of employees having a strong sense of teamwork, camaraderie and enjoyment through a variety of initiatives. More on that below!

The Happy Workplace accreditation is more than just another tick of approval to add to our certifications. It’s a true testament that we’ve created a workplace environment where our employees thrive, a place where they enjoy coming to daily, and above all, feel like they are supported in all aspects.

Through this certification, we’re recognised as an employer of choice.  This recognition is incredibly important for us to know that our people not only enjoy working with us, but also feel empowered and supported to perform to their very best.

In 2023 we were proud to be formally and independently certified by BU Happiness as a Happy Workplace after significantly exceeding benchmarks in all key areas of wellbeing. 

When we received our BU Happiness Happy Workplace Certificate early this year, our team was required to fill out an anonymous survey and rate the company in the following areas:

In this survey, we received an overall wellbeing score of 72.8%, which is higher than the national average of 48.6%. In each area of wellbeing, we achieved the following results:

Workplace engagement 81.4% (national average 70%)
Workplace culture 82.5%
Leadership and management 86.4%
Work burnout & turnover resilience 72.9% (national average just 35%)

Our accreditation reflects our commitment to being an employer of choice and to building a world-class workplace culture. 

We truly believe and as evidence shows that this results in higher productivity and team member retention which greatly benefits our clients.

Business Hunter Awards, The Marketing GP
Business Hunter Awards, The Marketing GP

Supporting a high-performing team through opportunities for growth

Working in marketing, it’s extremely important we have our finger on the pulse of new technologies and trends to benefit our clients. To ensure we keep up to date, we support our team to upskill and grow so we can continue to offer the best services and solutions to our clients.

We have a variety of informal and formal training programs in place – which include our breakout sessions and regular team meeting days. These training days give us the opportunity to further our personal growth and encourage us to continually think strategically about making improvements to the business in a collaborative environment.

Our approach to training and development is directed by our team’s annual success plans, which outline personal and professional goals which we can then plan to help staff to achieve. We also support team members who are studying and seeking qualifications while they work by providing flexible working hours and support.      

Career development not only helps our overall performance as an organisation, but also fosters the individuals needs of our team members. When our employees grow, we do better, and our clients receive the fruits of this.

Business Hunter Awards, The Marketing GP
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Contributing to our community

Giving back to the community in which we operate is very close to our hearts. We regularly encourage our employees to choose volunteering opportunities and charities that they’re passionate about, and we offer them a paid day to volunteer in these initiatives. We believe in rewarding our employees for supporting the community, which is why we are proud of this program. 

Collectively, we participate in various group charity events, such as donating blood, and more recently we raised awareness for children in the foster care system.

In another vein, we support the wider marketing community. We are passionate about providing opportunities to people starting out in their marketing careers. We developed our internship program to give university students practical experience and exposure to the industry. And in alignment with this, now provide the Meg Purser Scholarship as part of our program.

Business Hunter Awards, The Marketing GP
Photography: KMackay Photography

Finding ways to connect and thrive

Connecting with each other comes through different avenues, as does fostering health and wellbeing. One of our favourite ways for the team to connect with their managers, is through offering walking meetings and coffee meetings. 

While the traditional sit-down meetings are great from time to time, we also recognise that getting out of the office, getting some fresh air and having open chats is beneficial for our wellbeing. 

During these meetings, team members have the chance to chat with their manager or leadership team about career development, mentoring, or even our top book picks for the month, sure to be shared across our socials

Utilising different formats for connecting with each other, give us the chance to connect a more relaxed and interpersonal level. 

It’s our award-winning culture that sets us apart from others

Overall, we are so proud to have won the Business Hunter Award, because of the workplace culture that we have created and how each and every one of our team members contribute to it. 

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