How to kick more goals as a marketing manager wearing multiple hats

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As a marketing manager you could be busy leading a team of marketers or you could be the whole team! It’s challenging finding the time to manage all the different aspects of marketing when you’re just one person.

You’re expected to jump into strategy in the morning, post social posts and stories, and integrate a new CRM into the business in the afternoon – life is busssssssy!

As a business providing specialists in all areas of marketing and working with multiple industries, we help marketing managers like yourself to kick more goals from your everyday. Beyond providing an external marketing team you can rely on, we’ve pulled together a few tips to help you achieve more in the short-time you have!

Stop the spray-and-pray approach – less is more

A common misconception about marketing is that you need to be present on every channel! We get it, you don’t want to miss an opportunity. You’ve probably already jumped onto the Threads app so you are present (if you haven’t, here are some tips).

The best marketing results come from thinking about marketing strategically. Don’t do something for the sake of doing it, do it because it is effective for your business, goals and in line with the needs of your audience.

Ask yourself:

When you start asking yourself these questions, you will find yourself crossing a lot of channels off your list because your target market just isn’t there.

So don’t start a Threads account if your audience isn’t using it. Think strategically, see your marketing results grow in a more meaningful way and allocate your time to activities that matter, instead of wasting time on trying to do it all!


We provide businesses with in-depth strategies to help you move forward with focus.

If you need help driving forward the business through a tailored marketing strategy, book a meeting with us! 

Make the most of the content you create!

Trying to carve out time to film videos, write unique scripts, complete social content, write blog content for SEO and provide evidence to the leadership team that marketing is driving results?

Cut your time in half by being less creative.

You heard us right.

The best result from marketing involves working smarter, not harder when it comes to content creation. Have you created a social post with an audience question which generated a lot of input from your audience? Leverage it! Use the commentary to write a blog answering the question, incorporate it in your EDM, film a video about it for TikTok and post it as a story or reel on Instagram.

Why waste one piece of effective content on one moment in the sun? Instead of trying to come up with new ideas all of the time, rework the content that is working for multiple channels and reap the benefits.

Use software that streamlines your work and output

Do you spend most of your time manually posting social media posts, or creating a new abandoned cart EDM every other day?

Utilising marketing software could cut your output time in half!

Find software that takes some of the work out of your marketing activities. Social media scheduling tools like Gain, Sprout, Buffer or Later can make pre-scheduling social media and monitoring results easier! You can replicate the posts for multiple channels without opening multiple platforms as well.

Scheduling tools allow you to set up approval workflows, and tools such as Later allow you to see what your Instagram Grid will look like before posting anything (if aesthetically pleasing content is one of your goals).

But social media isn’t the only thing that can be automated! Just about everything else in marketing can.

One automation tool we swear by is HubSpot, which is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers all the capabilities needed to connect your marketing, sales, content management and customer service needs through one system. The CRM offers a range of sophisticated tools to tailor, personalise and automate your marketing and reporting on your marketing. It makes your sales and marketing processes integrated, streamlined and simple.

Interested? We would be happy to discuss HubSpot with you further.

Let your passion and skillset shine and outsource the rest

Are you finding that there’s just not enough hours in the day to complete everything you need to do?

Are you spending most of your time being a digital marketing manager when all you want to do is focus on the branding or design work?

Why not leave the areas of marketing you are not passionate about to a team that has your back?

At The Marketing GP, we have a team of experienced marketing professionals across many fields and niches. Our team is composed of website developers, social media gurus, branding creatives, strategists, inbound experts, copywriters, and more!

We work side by side with marketing managers across many industries to support them in bringing big marketing ideas to life.

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