Hi, I'm holly martin, chief marketer & founder of the marketing gp.

Hit the ground running and own your niche with strategic, integrated marketing.

With over 17 years hands on experience in marketing, Our Chief Marketer and Founder, Holly Martin, has worked with an amazing variety of businesses. Marketing is an entirely transferable skill – which is what led her to launch The Marketing GP. It was the perfect way to work with a range of businesses and create practical AND exciting marketing approaches.

My strength lies in my ability to see the entire playing field for our clients.

I have had the pleasure of working with both B2B and B2C businesses, government organisations, family-run businesses, local, national and international brands. My portfolio spans across so many different sectors that it would take forever to list them!

Because we don’t specialise in one area of marketing, our clients know that our recommendations are unbiased. Our expertise is based on our deep understanding of marketing theory and the range of marketing tools available to them. I am able to provide insight into not only marketing strategy, but also the lay of the land for the sector and geographic location of our clients.

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Guest speaker

In addition to working with our clients I am also often called upon to present at events and conferences. This is something I get nervous about prior to (which people who know me don’t believe!) but also thoroughly enjoy doing.

Holly Martin, The Marketing GP
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