Marketing Guest Speaker

Need a guest speaker for your networking event, conference or fundraiser?

Our effervescent Chiefhol Marketer, Holly Martin, is an experienced marketing guest speaker and sought-after event MC from Newcastle. She has spoken at networking events, conferences, seminars, fundraisers and more in Newcastle, Sydney and beyond.

So when we said we can do all the things to help promote your business, we meant it!

guest speaker, The Marketing GP

Looking for a guest speaker on all things marketing?

Holly is a successful and practiced marketing guest speaker and guru from Newcastle. She has almost two decades of experience helping companies and professionals to become more engaging to their audiences through effective marketing. So she has become a trusted advisor on all things marketing. This includes current and future trends and whether they’re worth the buzz.

Holly has a real talent for providing insider insights into marketing strategies that work. Above all, she doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to getting the best return on your investment.

Do you want to own your niche? Prepare to hit the ground running with some actionable advice and insight after listening to Holly speak. 

Or if you’re looking for the right person to MC a fundraiser, conference of business event, Holly is your gal. Let’s just say she has a real knack for getting people excited, involved and engaged in an event of any type.

guest speaker, The Marketing GP

"Listening to Holly made me realise that we needed to go back to basics in our marketing."

guest speaker, The Marketing GP
guest speaker, The Marketing GP
guest speaker, The Marketing GP
guest speaker, The Marketing GP
Need a guest speaker with a passion for imparting as much marketing knowledge as possible?

Let’s chat! Book a chinwag with our Chief Marketer, Holly Martin.

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