Hi, I’m Geshika Vorster, Content and Marketing Officer

Hi, I'm Alyssa Brault, Manager, Head of Marketing Strategy

Here to help you succeed with your marketing goals.

Meet Geshika, your storytelling aficionado at The Marketing GP, where narratives meet success. With a passion for witnessing success, I thrive when businesses flourish, finding my fulfillment in their achievements.

During my years in local media and marketing and communications, I immersed myself in storytelling. I championed the unsung heroes, the pillars of the community, and the relentless grafters. Life, as I’ve discovered, revolves around stories—they are the threads that bind us, creating connections and understanding in a world buzzing with noise. Just as businesses strive to reach diverse audiences, their messages must resonate on a human level—with a compelling story.

One of the defining moments in my career was clinching the prestigious Caxton Award for ‘Best Feature’ alongside my talented team. It underscored the power of storytelling, reaffirming its profound impact on forging connections.

Helping my clients triumph.

You can count on me for matters of creativity and design. Need feedback on a concept? Wondering if a design aligns with the client’s needs? Looking for the perfect word? Just ask—I’ve got a keen eye for the creative and a knack for turning ideas into reality.

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