Hi, I'm Tanner Johnston, Website Developer

Hi, I'm Tanner Johnston, Website Developer

I’m passionate about designing websites that are purposeful, practical and centred around user experience.

Tanner Johnston is our Web Developer and a wizard at all things tech. He has an eye for detail when it comes to developing websites that are user-focused, create a journey for visitors and share a brand’s story and key messaging in an impactful way.

We also like to call Tanner a jack-of-all-trades. He is constantly investigating new technologies and ensuring our client’s sites are up-to-date with security advancements as well as benefiting from the best systems on the market. A real thinker and early innovator, Tanner built his first website at the young age of 10.

Tanner has completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design from the University of Newcastle and has been involved in entrepreneurial work for most of his career.

I’ve got a lifetime of tech under my belt and i bring that to the table with every project that i work on.

To be successful online, you need to understand the bigger picture of your marketing strategy.

For me when developing a website, it is important that I am looking at the big picture. With the skills needed to build websites, you’re expected to know a bit about a lot of different areas. I know a bit about photography, digital marketing, content making, copywriting, SEO, graphic design, branding, and other tech-related jargon to make other people go cross-eyed.

I’ve had a passion for computers ever since I was a kid, and took apart my first Gameboy to see how it worked (much to mum’s dismay). Since then, I’ve tampered with just about every piece of technology I can get my hands on.

The most practical thing that university taught me was that I don’t need to pay other people to read books. With that, I’ve continued my studies in my own time delving into creative writing, illustration, and coding. Website development is constantly evolving, so to ensure yours is keeping up with current trends, device and security requirements, and user expectations, and represents your brand at its best, it’s important that your website is constantly evolving.

Ask me about
The internet. All of it
Coding (If you dare to go down that rabbit hole)
Scaling your website hosting
My obsession with horror movies
My latest creative project
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