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Chris Manak (Manic Workshops)

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Chris Manak is a nationally recognised dating coach for men. Through his continued effort for self improvement, Chris turned from a pretty insecure guy with little options (with women and in life) into a confident, motivated and influential man running an established business.

Melbourne’s leading professional dating coaching company for men, Manic Workshops, not only help men to become more confident with women and in themselves but also to improve their overall lifestyles.

Forget about selling your services

In a world saturated with people trying to sell, Chris’s philosophy has always been more the opposite – “I’m over here if you need me”. Practising the art of no-pitch promotion, Chris personally believes that less is more. So instead of trying so hard to attract a client, he focuses on their problems and ways to solve them. For almost a decade now, men continuously seek him for dating advice.

The rise of videos

With so many people trying to harness the power of online videos, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Chris has jumped on the bandwagon as well. While he has only uploaded his YouTube page with about 10 videos in the past few years, the response from viewers has been amazing. What’s more amazing is that a few people have literally approached him in person to tell him how much they liked his videos.

Most of his potential clients would also tell him that they watched his videos prior to their meet ups. This just proves how consumers nowadays take the time to research before committing to buying.

Not all freebies are enticing

No matter how good it sounds, ‘free’ is not something everyone would grab, and that’s exactly what happened with Chris during the early days of his business. Thinking it would be an easy way for him to gain prospects and grow his business, Chris offered free consultations to almost all prospects. Consultations were promoted on the website at over $100 yet no one took up the free offer.

Chris stopped giving out free consultations after deciding that people were inherently suspicious of ‘free’. But fear not, he is still always happy to chat on the phone or even occasionally meet for a quick coffee with someone who is considering his services.


Chris Manak  , The Marketing GP
Dating Coach |Manic Workshops

Chris Manak is one of Australia’s leading lifestyle and dating coaches for men. Founding his company Manic Workshops in 2008, he has since been featured in media outlets such as The Age,, Triple J and the Today Show.

Everything Chris teaches he had done himself thousands of times. He not only focuses on improving men’s ability with women but also helps them build their confidence and be greater versions of themselves.


, The Marketing GP

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