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The tool will give you insight into how your website is performing against the key features your customers will measure you against before making a decision about your business.

It will also give you recommendations on how to improve your current website to boost leads, increase conversions and improve your customer’s experience from the moment they ‘walk’ into your digital shop.

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did you

  • 75 per cent of users will make a judgement on how credible your business is based on your web design?
  • Or that 88 per cent of users are less likely to return to your website if they have a bad experience?
  • Your users are willing to wait just two seconds for your website page to load before giving up altogether?

Your customers spend hours every day online, browsing products on their phones, looking for information on their tablets and purchasing products and services on their desktop during their lunch break.

Do some of the recommendations provided fall beyond your team’s skillset?

We offer a team of web developers and professional copywriters who can upgrade your website for improved performance and outcomes. Focus on what you do best, while we make the magic happen for your most important digital asset.