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Modern, stylish & user-friendly website design

Website designer IN Newcastle FOR HUNTER VALLEY, Sydney & Central Coast businesses

The Marketing GP is a web designer in Newcastle that offers a complete solution to your website needs. From simple to complex, our experienced web and user experience designers can create a beautiful, responsive, custom-built site that best reflects your business
and services.

Need to update a tired, old website that requires a whole lot of love? Or starting a business from scratch and looking for a website that is both attractive and provides a seamless user experience?

We are your people.

website designer in Newcastle, The Marketing GP
website designer in Newcastle, The Marketing GP

Your website is your digital shopfront

So make sure it does you justice!

We are an experienced website designer in Newcastle. We’ve designed websites for a range of industries and businesses – this certainly isn’t our first rodeo. Our approach uses the most search engine, device and customer-friendly design elements to ensure your new website ranks well on Google and is easy to navigate.

We take a full-service approach to every website we build and our experience spans functionality, integration with your CRM systems, hosting and support.

We want you to love your new website, so we work closely with you throughout the process to capture your vision and bring it to life.

Why build your new website with The Marketing GP – leading web designer in Newcastle

Extensive experience

We’ve built websites for a range of industries and business types. Every site we build is customised to your unique needs and vision.

We use a best practice approach

You can feel assured that the website design approach we take has been meticulously tried and tested. We use the best technologies available for the best finished product.

Responsive on every screen

Our expertise and design approach will ensure your new website looks great, no matter the device your customer uses.

Fast turnaround

We treat any website project as a collaboration. By working closely with you, we can ensure you’re ready to get online fast.

Personal service

We take a lot of pride in providing a great experience, no matter the service we provide. We can’t wait to get to know your business and translate that into a website you love.

Built on the most versatile platform

We use WordPress for our web design as it is the easiest for you to use and offers outstanding versatility for future updates to your site.

Ongoing support if you need it

We go beyond just being your website designer in Newcastle. Whilst we will provide training so you can update your site yourself, you can always call on us if you need more support.

Hosting & security included

We can include secure web hosting so you can feel confident your site can meet your needs and is protected.

Access to the extras if you want them

We offer a full marketing service, which means if you need additional help with your marketing needs, we’re
your people.

Ready to get online? Let’s chat! Book a chinwag with our Chief Marketer, Holly Martin.

So what does my website package include?

We’ve packed together all the ingredients you need for an effective, modern and SEO friendly business website.

why we choose wordpress,
and why you will love it too!

WordPress is the most dominant Content Management System, with more than a third of websites built on its platform. For good reason too!

WordPress is simple to use, easy to customise and, thanks to thousands of plugins, the number of ways it can be configured is virtually limitless. Whatever function you want a website to serve, there’s a plugin that will make it happen. From simple websites to complex eCommerce marketplaces, anything is possible.

A great feature of WordPress is that it has a built-in update management system. When a new version of WordPress is released, users are automatically notified, and updates can be actioned with a click of a button. Posts and pages are easy to create, format and publish, and it comes with a built-in media uploader for images, audio and video files.

WordPress is free to download, install, use and modify. You simply need a domain name and web hosting to install it.

We don’t tend to recommend ‘membership’ type websites that involve a monthly subscription payment, as you never actually own your website with that set up. And we believe your website is your most important digital asset!

We have extensive experience in WordPress website design for Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast and Australian businesses and will use the platform to create the highest performing design for you.

website designer in Newcastle, The Marketing GP
website designer in Newcastle, The Marketing GP

Our hosting service explained

There are a range of hosting options available for WordPress sites, but we strongly recommend WP Engine as our preferred host. WP Engine is a premium managed hosting service designed to deliver an optimal experience for WordPress websites. 

The key reasons we recommend WP Engine are:


Scaling can be up to 10 times faster than other hosting options.


WordPress is highly responsive to security threats and are patched quickly.


All the tools available are customised to WordPress, including image caching, SSL Certification, website password protection, and firewall protection.


All WP Engine plans feature a staging environment to ensure your site is mistake-free prior to publishing.


12 Steps to success


Initial enquiry

We have a chat about what your needs are, we you have now and what we would recommend



We work together to put together a sitemap detailing exactly how many pages will be on your website and what they will contain



We work together to put together a sitemap detailing exactly how many pages will be on your website and what they will contain



You provide access to your tech stack (or we set it up for you!)



We agree on a timeframe for delivery, including what and when we will provide elements for review, and when you will provide feedback by.


Project begins

Once the project is underway we provide regular updates to let you know what stage we are up to


Design review

We provide you with a mockup of what your website home page and (generallY) one sub-page will look like.


Content review

We provide you with the content for your review and feedback, prior to loading it to the website.


Website approval

You get the chance to review your website!


Website testing

We go through our checklist to ensure that the website has everything requested and needed.


Website launch

Your website goes live! This can take between one hour to 24 hours to be viewed


Website review

We make sure that everything from the draft environment has come across and all elements of the website are working as expected.