Marketing strategy, implementation and website – the whole enchilada

A complete marketing solution to take Hunter-based accounting firm, Valorium Advisors to the next level.

Developing a strong, eye-catching brand is vital before diving headfirst into launching a business. Some of the smaller businesses we work with are in the start-up phase of launching their business or are looking to freshen up their brand as part of a business evolution. They aren’t quite ready for the whole shebang, but they know how important marketing is for business success.

We’ve found that many of the businesses we’ve initially created branding for have come back to work with us on a larger scale for their marketing activities in the future.

Hunter-based accounting firm, Valorium Advisors, is one of our marketing partners that fell into that category. In 2014 they approached us to develop their brand, today they’re working with us to take their business to the next level with comprehensive marketing implementation.

The situation

Valorium Advisors had grown significantly since their launch in 2014, but knew they needed to launch a website and improve their marketing and communications to find new clients and keep current clients engaged.

They were ready to take things up a notch with their marketing implementation.

The solution

In 2014 we developed an engaging, modern brand for Valorium Advisors. Their logo was designed to be clear, provide a creative platform for future marketing activities and connect with their values as well as their ideal clients.

Back then, the business wasn’t quite ready for a full marketing strategy. However, we were thrilled when they came knocking on our door again six years later to help take their business to the next level.

We worked with the team to identify the opportunities for the business, review their current technology suite, and craft the most effective strategies to help Valorium Advisors grow. The marketing strategy we delivered incorporated all elements of their marketing needs, ensuring they got the most out of every marketing activity and that their time and budget is spent in the best way.

The result

We’ve continued to enjoy a beneficial partnership with the team at Valorium Advisors and helped them to achieve ongoing growth with a consistent and integrated approach to marketing implementation.

A modernised website

As part of that process, we identified that it was time to launch a website, to reflect the level of quality of their business. We worked closely with the team to identify the right look and feel, craft content that speaks to their customers in the right way and implemented the most effective SEO elements to optimise the business on Google search.

Their new website is built with all the bells and whistles that their business needs, including integration with a CRM system that automates their marketing and sales processes, responsive web design, SEO-friendly content and structure, site security and user experience.

Marketing strategies targeting their niche industries

As part of the strategic process we go through initially, Valorium Advisors identified a number of key industry niches that their team specialises in. To improve reach and conversion for these core customers, we developed buyer personas that allowed us to connect with the decision makers in the target business niches and personalise their communication experience with the brand.

As part of this strategy, we’ve developed subpages on the website to make it clear which industries the business specialises in and have crafted interesting lead magnet material focused to attract niche business owners.

Automated sales and marketing processes through HubSpot

To improve sales outcomes and overall customer experience from the lead stage through to becoming a client of the business, we implemented a sophisticated HubSpot CRM set up that automated and streamlined processes. From refining the team’s hit list, streamlining meeting processes to improve nurturing leads to the next stage, to standardising the onboarding process and providing tools and systems that help increase outcomes along the sales process, HubSpot has ensured consistency across all aspects of business development for Valorium Advisors.

The system has also improved insights to allow the team to see ROI against their marketing and sales activities.

A complete solution to Valorium Advisors’ marketing implementation needs

Our approach is built around providing a full solution to our clients needs. Digital marketing including social campaigns, web content and EDMs, have also formed an important part in spreading the word about Valorium Advisors. We’ve streamlined processes and improved communication with customers on important legislation changes by developing topical and informative email content that ensures clients feel supported and kept up-to-date on matters that may affect their business. This is in addition to the quality, individualised service provided by the team.

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