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What is website hosting?

In layman’s terms, website hosting allows you to have a website appear on the internet and gives people access to view it. It’s a critical component of a business’s digital marketing strategy, as your hosting provider gives you the space to create and store your website.

All websites seen on the internet are ‘hosted’ or stored on servers, and this is where a hosting provider comes in. If you have a website, you already have a provider – they give you the space to create and store your website.

website hosting, The Marketing GP

We break down hosting further in our blog.

website hosting, The Marketing GP
website hosting, The Marketing GP

Our hosting service explained

There are a range of hosting options available for WordPress sites, but we’ll always recommend WP Engine – our preferred host! WP Engine is a premium managed hosting service designed to deliver an optimal experience for WordPress websites. And the best part, by coming on board to our hosting, you receive the benefits of a dedicated server.


Your website receives automated updates, daily backups, one-click staging, and access to our marketing-driven tech stack. All the tools available are customised to WordPress, including image caching, SSL Certification, website password protection, and firewall protection.


26 billion cyber-attacks are blocked every year by WP Engine security solutions, with free secure connections and platform-level protection. WordPress is highly responsive to security threats and are patched quickly.


As the fastest managed WordPress host, WP Engine provides your site with results-driven page speed increases, with reliable uptime during important traffic spikes. Scaling can be up to 10 times faster than other hosting options. Why does this matter? For every extra second a website takes to load, conversions fall by 12 per cent.


All WP Engine plans feature a staging environment to ensure your site is mistake-free prior to publishing. Whether this is a completely new site or a refresh to your current website.

website hosting, The Marketing GP
And the best part?

We're here to manage it for you!

No more plugin updates, page crashes and lost clients from slow loading times. Having our team behind your website’s performance means you can do more of what you enjoy.

The Marketing GP offers customised hosting services to all our clients, and you can have access to the best web hosting plans too!

website hosting, The Marketing GP
website hosting, The Marketing GP
We have extensive experience in WordPress website design across

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See what our website design packages look like!

WordPress websites are a powerful tool

and you should get in board!

WordPress is the most dominant Content Management System, with more than a third of websites built on its platform. For good reason too! Can you believe that it’s trusted by 42 per cent of the web?

WordPress is simple to use, easy to customise and, thanks to thousands of plugins, the number of ways it can be configured is virtually limitless. Whatever function you want a website to serve, there’s a plugin that will make it happen. From simple websites to complex eCommerce marketplaces, anything is possible.

website hosting, The Marketing GP

We’ve broken down the best-known builders, so you can compare WIX, Squarespace and WordPress in one place.

A great feature of WordPress is that it has a built-in update management system. Posts and pages are easy to create, format and publish, and it comes with a built-in media uploader for images, audio and video files.

WordPress is free to download, install, use and modify. You simply need a domain name and website hosting to install it. We don’t tend to recommend ‘membership’ type websites that involve a monthly subscription payment, as you never actually own your website with that set up. And we believe your website is your most important digital asset!

Overall, WordPress is simple to use, easy to customise and offers thousands of plugins that allow you to customise your site the way you choose. Whilst the set-up of your site requires a more complex understanding of web development, general day-to-day management is simple.

website hosting, The Marketing GP
See what the world of WordPress can achieve for your business.
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