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What is Website Hosting?

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The key to your digital shop front

If you don’t work in the online world, there’s a chance that words like “website hosting”, “domain”, and “server” mean very little to you. And, to some, website hosting can feel like an unnecessary element to your business. Yet, this critical component is a big part of a business’ digital marketing strategy. Let’s breakdown what it is and (when it’s done right), how it can benefit your business.

In layman’s terms, website hosting allows you to own a website on the internet and gives people access to view it. Simple enough right?

Website hosting, The Marketing GP

Let’s use the analogy of your website being like your business’ shop front. 

This is where customers come to view your services or products and contact you for sales. If your business doesn’t have a well-functioning shop front, you are risking your business’ income and client base!

All websites seen on the internet are ‘hosted’ or stored on servers, and this is where a hosting provider comes in. If you have a website, you already have a provider – they give you the space to create and store your website.

Website hosting, The Marketing GP

Now, if you asked yourself “but where is my website hosted?”, don’t stress, this is your first step. If you’re not sure which company is currently overlooking your website, do yourself a favour and find out here: 

Organised, clean and efficient

Any small business owner wants their shop front to be clean and clutter-free. This helps to draw attention from potential clients, encouraging engagement with the business.

You want customers to see value in your storefront, so why would you go with the cheapest hosting option and get poor results? Big companies offering cheap or free hosting plans usually market themselves very well. This sees them placing your website in a crowded and overloaded server. And, in a world where the consumer has come to expect everything instantly at their fingertips, it’s the quicker businesses, with effective hosts, that come out on top.

Your shop front needs to be secure; you do not want break-ins!

If you’re using a cheap provider for your web hosting and domain name registration, chances are you’re receiving minimal security measures across your site. Most hosting does not work well with WordPress – the number one website builder globally. If you’ve built your website through WordPress, you’re risking your site’s safety by using a cheap hosting provider.

You don't want to deal with dodgy suppliers

Chances are your website is currently hosted by EIG, a big, slow-moving company that umbrellas providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost and HostMonster. We recommend not hosting with these businesses, as your website deserves the best ROI and customer service when issues arise. You want a host that will have your best interests at heart – safety, speed and reliability.

The difference between a $10 a month hosting plan from a dodgy provider, compared to a streamline $40 plan, could save your business hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars in missed sales.

Don’t cut cost corners

A lot of business owners with little knowledge in websites and hosting will be looking for a cheaper deal. After all, why pay for something you don’t see value in?

Well, choosing that cheap domain name and an even cheaper hosting package is like stocking your store shelves with cheap knock offs. Poor sales from this overlooked hosting choice can cost you more in the long run, with slow website loading times and bad security measures. If you’re asking yourself “why aren’t customers spending more time on our website?” perhaps consider if you’ve cut any corners in the set up process.

Website hosting, The Marketing GP

Website Hosting made simple

So what’s the fix to this problem? The Marketing GP offers customised hosting services to all our clients, and you can have access to the best web hosting plans too!

As in the case with our consulting services, we take the time to get to know you and your business. This will inform our actions, ensuring your website is designed for your specific needs. We find that attention to detail, and a little extra time familiarising ourselves with your business, really does pay off in the long-run.

As any business wants to ensure the safety and usability of their site. Our digital marketing strategists provide the best aspects of website hosting. We wish to offer this service to you and showcase the improvements in ceasing the current website hosting you receive. With the collaboration of WP Engine, our team offer managed WordPress hosting. This WordPress-specific hosting provider is the choice of over 120,000 customers in 140 countries worldwide, with thousands of brands and agencies choosing this platform over anyone else. 

Website hosting, The Marketing GP

The value of cyber-security

WP Engine blocked over two million website attacks, every day, in 2019 alone. Does your current provider offer the same level of protection against spam and scammers?

Now more than ever, security is an ongoing necessity.

The Marketing GP is dedicated to the performance and security of your site. We continuously update your platform to protect you against attacks from threats. We even regularly evaluate security best practices to ensure we are delivering an uncompromising experience.

We commit to extensive benefits that other hosting options simply do not offer, including:

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