Building a brand in the community during its time of need.

We took an idea and created a positive branding and public relations opportunity for not only our client, but other businesses looking to do good in Newcastle and the Hunter region.

The situation

Newcastle and Hunter Community Health wanted to do something to give back to the vulnerable community members they support during their greatest time of need, at the onset of COVID-19. As a provider of care for older Australians and people with a disability, the organisation was well aware of the impact coronavirus was having on the well-being of people in the community and their ability to access basic supplies during lockdown.

As their marketing partner, they approached us with an idea that they would create care packs for vulnerable community members in the Newcastle and Hunter communities. They wanted to put together packs valued at $60-70 each containing essential items such as toilet paper, cleaning products and canned goods, and provide them to people in need at no cost.

We saw an opportunity to support them with their community-focused approach, but also leverage the opportunity to build brand recognition and good public relations around their business and others willing to do good in the community. We wanted to take their idea to the next level!

The solution

As well as putting our hands up to contribute to the packs ourselves, we approached other businesses (our clients and those we knew within the community) to play a part in helping Newcastle and Hunter Community Health to bring these packs to life.

This allowed Newcastle and Hunter Community Health to create far more packs than they thought possible and to really make a difference for community members in need. They were able to provide them directly to people they directly knew who were having a hard time, but also to participants of Soul Café, Survivor’s R Us and Hunter Primary Care.

We also saw the opportunity to create positive messaging around each of the business’ and our client’s brand. Beyond marketing the community contribution through Newcastle and Hunter Community Health’s channels, we reached out to a range of local media outlets to share the good news.


The results

Sharing how Newcastle and Hunter Community Health brought businesses together to help people during the coronavirus pandemic has led to overwhelmingly positive feedback. As a result of our public relations activities, the story about the care packs was featured in the listed news outlets.

It was also one of the strongest campaigns on social media for the business in terms of engagement and has been well received by community members and their current clients alike. The businesses that have gotten involved are also thrilled with the positive sentiment that has been created around their brand.

Our approach is ‘one piece of content, many ways’ and this is a clear demonstration of how a small idea can be leveraged into an integrated marketing plan.

Let us create a positive public relations opportunity for your business.

We have a team of strong storytellers and expert marketers ready to help you. With extensive experience in creating impactful PR opportunities, why not reach out?

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