Delivering a fresh and engaging website that reflects the business’ extensive history

Specialising in state-of-the-art engineering, fabrication and CNC machining, Morgan Engineering is at the forefront of innovation in modern machining techniques. It only makes sense that their website and marketing reflected this tech-heavy business in the best possible way.

Being an established key player in the engineering industry for so long also meant that their website had become outdated. As the site was over seven years old, a full rework was necessary. The outdated theme and unsafe searchability only cemented this further.

That’s where the expertise of The Marketing GP came into play.

The situation

As our team had provided an extensive and fully-scoped marketing strategy we knew a new website would be the core pillar in all future campaigns and marketing activities.

Our main goals were to develop a new Morgan Engineering website with a fresh feel and elevated design by incorporating brand elements, combining a focus on improving user experience, and ensuring SEO optimisation across all content.

The solution

Developing a client-friendly website through modern design.

We began by conducting a full website audit, making recommendations to improve content, optimising SEO, and user experience. Our website team created a new website that is user friendly and mobile optimised – this increased the average visitor session duration through more engaging content.

Website Structure

The next steps were implementing the best SEO practices throughout the website to ensure the best possible search ranking results. This was achieved in the website structure through creating a brand-new site map, creating engaging page titles and using meta data descriptions. We implemented SEO structure through out the headings and text to optimise for the best search ratings.

Optimisation and security

To ensure optimal site security across the website, we reviewed all security measures and compressed JavScript to assist with optimisation.

Our team regularly conducts website reviews with Morgan Engineering, to ensure the content remains relevant and runs efficiently


It was important to highlight Morgan Engineering’s full range of services to ensure that not only future customers understood their offering, but also current customers! Our team of copywriters carefully crafted content to explain the services, integrating internal links and clear call-to-action directives to lead customers on a journey.

Utilising customer experiences and community activities, we put together a page dedicated to case studies based upon previous customer experiences, and highlighted connections to charity involvement on a separate page.

In order to convey an approachable brand image, new staff imagery and location shots were implemented across the website.

The results

Through the development of a new website and continued strategic marketing activities, the Morgan Engineering site increased users to the site by 70%, sessions by 78% and page views by 67% in comparison to data from the previous year.

Is your outdated website holding you back from your full digital potential? Need a digital identity that is both attractive and provides a seamless user experience?

Is your outdated website holding you back from your full digital potential? Are you starting a business and looking for a digital identity that is both attractive and provides a seamless user experience?

From simple to complex, The Marketing GP’s experienced web and user experience designers can create a beautiful, responsive, custom-built site that best reflects your business and services.

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