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Grant Burchell (Electrodry)

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Grant Burchell is the co-owner of Electrodry. Blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit, Grant is keen on building something great from naught. He isn’t only managing Electrodry but is also running his own service businesses.

From Townsville to Hobart and across Perth, Electrodry guarantees excellent satisfaction on each of their services. What kicked off as a carpet dry cleaning company in 1983 is now at the forefront of the Australian cleaning industry, providing cleaning solutions to over 100,000 customers around Australia every year.

Email marketing is a worthwhile tactic

Over the span of 10 years, email marketing has built the company’s database – slowly but surely. With the implementation of digital receipts only a couple of years ago, the business has grown their list to 130,000.

Furthermore, although finding content that will pique the customers’ interest is a challenge for the team, the rewards are always fulfilling. Grant found out that emails with informative ‘how-to’ articles receive the best open rates and responses, which lead to higher customer engagement and then to faster workflow (and of course to more cash!).

Brochures are not a thing of the past

When done effectively, brochure distribution is well worth the effort. Yes, successful marketing still exists in the offline space!

Electrodry has been handing out brochures for so many years now. In fact, they already have scheduled around 25 million brochures for this financial year alone. Grant agrees that it’s always wise to test and review every single marketing strategy to see which ones work. By using a third party service to handle the process, the guys at Electrodry haven’t only been getting quality responses but have also become experts in targeting and accountability.

Traffic sponsorship gone wrong

Live traffic sponsorship is an effective media strategy to reach a specific audience but it’s not for every client. Grant confesses that one of his most painful marketing fails came from sponsoring the live traffic crosses on Sunrise in Melbourne. The cost was horrendously expensive and yet the impact was non-existent. So they went back to running ad placements in Sunrise – a campaign that always works well for them.

Indeed, a valuable lesson, learned the costly way!


, The Marketing GPGrant Burchell
Co-Owner | Electrodry

Grant is the Co-owner and Marketing Manager at Electrodry. He holds an MBA from Newcastle University and has a background in contact centre management and offshoring along with running his own service businesses including the Australian master franchise for Mr Sandless, the world’s largest sandless wood floor refinishing system.




, The Marketing GP

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