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Daniel Brady (Heavenly Hammocks)

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Daniel Brady is the founder of Heavenly Hammocks – amongst other things – and is based in Brisbane, but his eCommerce business operates across Australia.

Heavenly Hammocks offers a wide range of beautiful hammocks, swings, stands and accessories that fit your tastes, budget and lifestyle.

Rising above the Competition with SEO

Daniel knows his products well and he’s also quite aware which ones are similar to the competitors and which ones are unique. Standing out in the hammock market can be pretty tough, but with some clever Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts, Daniel made it possible.

Investing in SEO is a wise marketing move for every small business owner running an eCommerce site. Daniel found that some of the best practices in SEO include writing sufficient relevant content with long-tail keywords and link building. HARO, SourceBottle and WebMeUp are only a few services Daniel used to build good links.

Through effective SEO strategies, Heavenly Hammocks made it on the first page of Google search.

eBay Can Do Wonders for eCommerce

Looking at all those cheap items on eBay, Daniel never expected putting out their products on this online marketplace will actually give them good returns.

Although only their unique products are working well on eBay, the site is their second highest sales source, adding incremental sales to their overall business, increasing their order volumes and reducing product costs by 25-35%.

Leave Shopping Ad Networks behind

While Daniel’s SEO and eBay efforts have paid off, his time and money spent on shopping ad networks did not. Worse, every single system they encountered has glitches.

He also invested in Facebook ad campaign for Valentine’s Day only to find out that clickers were females when in fact their hammock buyers are men. He agrees that by putting in the right holiday for the right people his ad campaign will work well next time. So they might try running a Facebook campaign again, but this time they’ll do it during the most awaited holidays of the year – the Summer or Christmas holidays.


, The Marketing GPDaniel Brady
Founder | Heavenly Hammocks

Daniel Brady is passionate about taking on challenges, risks and new activities. He founded Heavenly Hammocks, an eCommerce site that stocks a huge variety of beautiful items for all hammock enthusiasts, including hammocks, hammock chairs, stands and accessories. Their local warehouse is based in Brisbane, but they deliver all across Australia – free of charge! As a young entrepreneur with a go-getter attitude, it’s no surprise Daniel has turned his business into a success.




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