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Lacey Filipich (Money School)

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Lacey Filipich is the co-founder of Money School. Now in her mid 30s, Lacey regards her financial independence as an extraordinary achievement. She wants to see parents pass on essential financial skills to their children in the same way morals and manners get passed down.

Money School is a social enterprise that provides online courses and school-based programs to help children, adults and organisations be financially savvy without needing to pay a financial advisor.

Concise subject lines work like a charm

Restoring dead leads to life only takes a few tweaks in a subject line (and perhaps the Dean Jackson 9-word email technique!).

Lacey found out that her first and only shot at capturing the attention of her audience is through short, one-line email subjects. Immediately after harnessing the potential of 9-word emails, Lacey received higher open rates and has then built a solid database.

Gearing up the elevator pitch

In today’s information overloaded world, a compelling elevator pitch is the key to effective engagement.

Lacking the experience in marketing and sales, Lacey sought out a one-day training course on sales processes. This training hasn’t only been effective in changing her behaviour when speaking with potential customers, it has also guided her to position herself as an authority in the industry.

Unpreparedness creates inconveniences

Planning is good but preparation is much better. Merely a month after giving birth, Lacey jumped on the chance of sponsoring a conference, and in turn, accomplished tasks in a rush. Not only did she skip the process of double checking if the event participants were her target market, she also missed sending fundraising campaigns. Thus, coming up with a list of unresponsive people.

On the upside, this little roadblock turned out to be an excellent learning opportunity for her. She figured out how to develop fundraising offers and found her way to the Dean Jackson 9-word email strategy. And so now, every message she sends out is no longer pushy but rather more conversational and focused on the need of her audience.


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Lacey Filipich
Co-Founder | Money School

Lacey learned about money from her mum and co-founder, Fran. Thanks to her mother’s guidance and an ambitious saving habit, Lacey kicked off her investing career by buying her first property at 19 years old.

Now in her mid 30s, she can live on the passive income from her investments. This allows her to stay home with her two small children and to work on her passion, helping others learn how to manage their money wisely.




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