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Why social media for business is a smart move

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I can clearly remember when social media first hit the scene. It was a bit of a slow burn in Australia, with just the usual early adopters jumping on board.

But then something changed and businesses started seeing the benefits of social media for their brand.

Social media provides a vehicle for business to develop effective and efficient two-way communication – but only if done right!

You can position your brand, develop a ‘personality’, showcase your products and services, highlight testimonials, gain feedback, build a community and so much more.

It is no longer a question of IF your business should be on social media, it is HOW you do it, WHAT social media channels to use, WHO manages the process and WHEN to post.

I’ve put together a quick Infographic, from the information I was able to find on each of the main social media sites, to show you how incredible the statistics are.

But I do want to talk about my pet peeve too – which is when businesses jump on social media because they think they have to – without first deciding on a strategy, key messages and the ‘voice’ they want to deliver everything in.

Something I have seen happen more than once is when a small business uses a younger family member or family friend or the youngest staff member in the office to take charge of their social media account.

Just because someone knows how to use social media personally does not mean they know how to use it for business – there is a big difference!

Think about how hard it is to build a good reputation and how quickly that can be destroyed.

Then think about the chance you are taking by allowing someone to manage your social media who doesn’t really know your business that well. Are they posting content that aligns with your values, that presents you in an accurate light, that follows your key messages?

The other thing to remember is that I always advocate that social media has to have a purpose – and my thoughts are that it should be driving people to your website. Your website should be the hub of your marketing activities. So if you are on social media, are you using it with a clear purpose?

Social media for business CAN be a very smart move, but there is definitely more to it than meets the eye.

If this has convinced you that your business needs to be using and leveraging social media – but you don’t know where to start – my 6-week Marketing Kickstarter course can help you figure out the basics (as well as provide a lot more essential marketing information!)


social media, The Marketing GP

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