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Zachary Rook (Your Local Movers)

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Zachary Rook is a young entrepreneur who founded the Brisbane-based removalist company Your Local Movers.

From being a hand-hopping, head sliding professional breakdancer to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Zach has come a long way since he started his own moving company in New Zealand way back in 2007.

Your Local Movers provides commercial and residential moving and storage solutions across Australia with an average 30 per cent growth year after year since it was established.

The Power of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are search phrases that are usually longer and more specific than common searched terms on the web. Although these refined keywords get less search traffic, they usually return higher conversion value because of their relevancy and precision to a niche or industry.

For Zachary, the best thing they’ve done that has brought success to their company over the last 10 years is the use of long tail keywords. He says they get a lot of enquiries from longer search terms, such as ‘moving pot plants’ and other specific keywords.

Direct Mail is Not Dead

Zachary says their marketing efforts don’t just stop at leveraging long tail keywords. They’ve also sent out direct mails that have been quite effective for their business. They maintain a quirky persona in their mails to set a difference from their competition. One fun approach they had was sending out a stuffed animal in bubble wrap.

Radio Ads: A Pain Point

Although Zachary found success in long term keywords and direct mail, he shares he didn’t experience the same thing with radio ads.

A few years ago, he spent a whooping $60,000 on radio ads alone – to only get one lead! It was a big move he wasn’t proud of, taking into account the cost and the value it returned. He also invested a lot in AdWords, but the market was too competitive. He agrees that doing some tests and tweaking things in a marketing strategy will work well for businesses, especially if there’s a fluctuating demand for the services.


, The Marketing GPZachary Rook 
Director | Your Local Movers

Zachary Rook is a Bboy legend turned successful entrepreneur when he noticed a gap  in the moving industry during his stay in New Zealand. He founded Your Local Movers, a moving and storage service provider based in Brisbane, to bridge that gap. He attributes his success to one simple element – excellent service. Nowadays, his company is delivering high quality removalist solutions for huge companies, such as Optus, Commonwealth Bank, Westfield, and AVEO.




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