Maitland Air & Electrical Marketing Strategy

Developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy

A marketing solution that sparks profits and keeps books filled year-round.

Rowan Jolly founded his business almost a decade ago, originally branded as RJ Electrical Maitland, but is now known as Maitland Air & Electrical. Since then, he has built an outstanding reputation in the Maitland and Hunter Valley region, for delivering exceptional service to his clients.

As a business owner, Rowan has always been passionate about both his business and customers, but marketing had always been ad-hoc for him. He was referred to us by another local Maitland company, who happens to be a long-term client of ours, and the rest is history.

The situation

When Rowan came to us, he was willing to give anything and everything a go – a marketer’s dream!

He needed help with brand awareness. We worked closely with him to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, leverage and enhance his brand’s presence, bring in new customers and promote Maitland Air & Electrical as the ideal air conditioning and electrical business in the Maitland region. 

The solution

Laying down the foundations to develop consistency

Our graphics team developed a brand guide to capturing the essence of Maitland Air & Electrical – particularly highlighting their many years of expertise and industry knowledge.

When Rowan came to us, we modernised his current logo in a way that it could remain true to its origins. We updated the branding and colouring to include the primary colours – navy blue, red pigment and pumpkin which are used as call-to-action highlights, or as background colours. Each colour was chosen to strategically represent Maitland Air & Electricals’ values and services.

After nailing the brand, we worked with the team to determine a key message that communicates their approach to the work they do and that would relate to their customers.

We saw the opportunity to transform the website for readability, user experience, and leverage content for search engine optimisation.

Our website team enabled the site to upgrade from GRADE E to GRADE B in regards to page load experience, we also doubled their performance score percentage, to 83%, this includes loading performance, interactivity and visual stability. By updating their website we also cut the load time and speed index in half. For context, speed index is how quickly the page populates with visible content, a good score is 1.3 or less, and we took their website from 1.8 to 955 miliseconds.

The content was developed to showcase the brand narrative and expanded on clear call to actions that we wanted visitors to the site to take.

Our team has directed a number of photoshoots to ensure Maitland Air & Electricals’ brand is communicated effectively through their imagery across their website, social media and all other marketing activities.

The website included a lot of stock imagery throughout, so one of the photoshoots we directed was on-site at one of their customer’s homes. Having images that show their team in action gain much more credibility than stock imagery.

Ramping up business from the ground, up

One of Rowan’s main priorities was for Maitland Air & Electrical to be recognised as a trusted and credible business.

Our focus to achieve this was to implement a full content strategy, including developing regular blogs and EDMs, consistent organic socials, and advertising campaigns. We helped Rowan and the team develop a range of commercial and domestic case studies from a range of clients around the Maitland area. Case studies were a great way to show Rowan’s success stories and help promote trustworthiness within the brand – resulting in more customers.

As a young, and fun brand, we saw the opportunity to develop a regular social media strategy across Facebook and Instagram. Using this angle, we were able to bring in new customers for the business, through testimonials, staff profiles, fun facts, and other engaging posts.

The proof is in the pudding – Maitland Air & Electricals’ organic social media traffic to their website has grown 150% compared to the previous year (over a three-month period). Their social media follower growth since we started with them has also seen a 180% increase.

The results

Keeping the books full, all year round

Before coming to us, winter had previously been the team’s quietest season. We were able to turn this around, developing a campaign that encouraged customers to get their air conditioner serviced in the winter, ready for summer.

This campaign has not only helped Rowan with increasing sales, but also in raising brand awareness around the Maitland community. The campaign has also seen paid search making up for 31% of overall traffic to their website.

Rowan has seen a dramatic increase in sales this year due to the winter campaign and told us that, we’ve had the busiest winter that we’ve ever had.”

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