Hume Doors and Timber

Product marketing to help grow a trusted Australian brand

When we were first approached by Hume Doors and Timber in 2017 (after being referred by a client), we knew we could help open doors for their business, through strategic marketing.

As a national brand, the Hume Doors team were looking for an outsourced partner to assist them with their marketing and add capabilities beyond their available marketing resourcing internally. Amongst other activities, they wanted to increase their social media community, engage with their brand loyal customers and undertake a content marketing plan for their website.

The situation

When the Hume Doors team first came to us they had an internal marketing resource, but needed assistance to really leverage their marketing channels.

The team were looking for new ways to cut through via their social media activities and to continue to build on the trusted Hume Doors national brand. They had little digital presence, needed to adapt to a new influencer-based community and make the most of user-generated content, as well as promote their products in an attractive and engaging way. With a growing number of DIYers in Australia, the business wanted to make the most of renovators using the products in their own social channels as a word-of-mouth tool.

One of the other challenges they faced was ensuring their brand identity across assets were consistent and quality.

The Plan

The solution began with a deep dive into the business and development of a marketing strategy, as well as roll out across their channels.

Creating a community through their social media

The first step was to begin building a strong social media presence from scratch. This included a Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

We set up or redeveloped the platforms and researched their competitors to scope out opportunities and find a unique way forward for their business. The social media strategy we created incorporated a robust brand approach that ensured Hume Door’s assets were easily identifiable.

We structured their content around product features, their products in action in people’s homes, staff information and helpful tips and tricks for renovations. The internal marketing team wanted to rely on us for consistency and a regular approach to their social media, so we implemented a plan that was regular, allowed amble time for feedback and was engaging to their community.

Leveraging collaborations and user-generated content

One of the vital aspects of Hume Doors’ social approach was the commitment to gathering user-generated content and working to create collaborations with influencers. With the number of home renovators on the rise, there is plenty of content on social media platforms that incorporates before and after photography. Hume Doors has become such a popular name for their product that it was easy to find user-generated content covering their products.

We identified Hume’s products in user content and either shared it through their network or reached out directly to create meaningful content in partnership with more influential community members. This was effective with smaller influencers and more successful interior designers and renovators with a social presence.

This strategy alone has contributed heavily to the growth in community for Hume Doors.

Improving their website engagement and traffic

Social media is a great basis for marketing but can’t solely be relied upon for maintaining brand awareness. The next step was to create constant and sharable content.

From blogs to case studies to tips and tricks posts, it was all systems go for The Marketing GP team to collaborate with Hume to create captivating, and sharable content. We did this by creating a content strategy focused on crafting content that is sharable, SEO-friendly and repurposed among various marketing platforms.

Outsourced marketing strategy

A key benefit of having an outsourced marketing agency partner is that our clients have access to the full range of marketing skills and services that we have to offer.

Although social media and consistent content was our core focus, we have worked with Hume Doors over the years to develop campaign strategies, we have directed photo shoots for them and have attended their conference to present to their sales team. We continue to evolve the partnership, whilst keeping a firm hand on the steering wheel of their digital platforms.

The results

The proof is in the pudding. In the few short years that we have worked with Hume Doors and Timber, we have grown their Instagram from scratch to over nine thousand followers. The sentiment across their social media is positive, they are consistently tagged in user-generated content and have harnessed a strong and consistent approach to their brand.

In line with those results, traffic to their website has been boosted thanks to improved search performance and redirection from their social channels.

Are you struggling to find time to do marketing?

If you are looking for marketing specialists that take care of every aspect of your marketing needs, then book a meeting with our Chief Marketer, Holly Martin.

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