Hi, I’m Beth Cowling, Inbound Marketing Officer

Hi, I’m Beth Cowling, Inbound Marketing Officer

Helping you leverage tools that will sync all your marketing and sales efforts for better results.

Beth Cowling is our Inbound Marketing Officer with a real passion for introducing our clients to innovative CRM systems that take their business to the next level. 

After graduating from Leeds Arts University, Beth’s marketing experience demonstrated creative practices in brand development, creative direction, strategising campaigns, and determining brand tone through content and copy creation. Beth’s next career move (and relocation to Australia) saw her delving into a new challenge. 

She took on the nitty-gritty and meticulous structure of CRM systems – it’s not a challenge for the faint-hearted! Beth has excelled at finding creative ways to streamline administration experiences (such as reporting, scheduling and contact database management) to improve efficiency, adaptability, productivity and billable hours.  

Giving you the tools for growth through inbound marketing.

My passion is finding the problem areas of our client’s processes and marketing/sales infrastructure and using CRM systems, like HubSpot, to generate, monitor and grow your approach to client, database and sales management. Inbound marketing will help you generate more leads, understand your leads and optimise the company and client marketing and sales experience through personalisation and automation. 

It’s a powerful tool that any business will benefit from and grow with. 

When I’m not dabbling with databases or processes, I’m creating social media content for our clients or tending to my ever-growing collection of house plants, enjoying a true crime book or giving the cocktail shaker a workout! 

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