Hi, I’m Brodey Corbett, Team Leader, Marketing Implementation

Hi, I’m Brodey Corbett, Team Leader, Marketing Implementation

When we work together, great things happen.

Brodey Corbett’s parents have always said she was born talking, so working in communication for Brodey was a no brainer. She is well-versed in the world of communication, with a real knack for making anything newsworthy. Her extensive experience in the communication sector, saw her in various roles – from content creation to video production, to media relations and event management.

Brodey loves helping the local community, especially not-for-profit organisations. From communication coordinating to jumping in and getting her hands dirty during special events, she enjoys assisting wherever she can.

Let's get social

We may all be aware that a good social media presence is vital, but merely having a social media page is not enough. Exceptional, eye-catching content goes hand in hand with social media posts like wine and cheese. I’m passionate about creating content that hooks your customers in and leaves them wanting more.

I am a very social person and often get asked when I get time to sleep. When I’m not at work, creating your communication content, you can find me out and about with friends and family. Although I love having time to myself, I don’t seem to get much of it. I love discovering new local bars and restaurants with my partner or having picnics at the beach with my friends and family.

Ask me about
My killer content creation skills
Supercharged Public Relations
Leveraged social media management
My cocktail recommendations
My next travel destination
Content creation that engages and hooks in your audience.
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