Hi, I'm Claire Raymond, Inbound Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager

Hi, I'm Claire Raymond, Inbound Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager

Providing the marketing & sales tools and strategies businesses need to reach their potential.

We all know how annoying it can be to be peppered with ads and messages that you didn’t seek, and have no interest in. Inbound marketing flips the customer experience by using targeted and valuable content. The Marketing GP delivers solutions that have a positive impact on your customers.

Claire Raymond is our inbound marketing guru. Over the last decade, Claire has dedicated her time to local and international organisations of all sizes, in marketing, communications and process improvement projects. Having a strong interest in sales and marketing processes, Claire’s approach is to identify and implement innovative tools and systems to streamline processes and improve your customers’ experience.

Having successfully obtained a Bachelor of Business from Victoria University, Claire Raymond maintains a thirst for continuous learning and development.

Regardless of your business size, Claire understands that resources are finite. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have the right infrastructure in place to draw your customers to you, obtaining the data you need to create audiences for marketing activities.

Working with you to truly understand your business, sales and marketing structure, goals, customers, and unique strengths, Claire and the inbound marketing team will develop a personalised inbound marketing strategy. We will recommend tools that will not only attract new prospects to your website, but convert them to customers, and encourage them to become advocates for your brand.

We focus on the right tools and processes to attract customers and encourage them to stay connected

Having relocated to Newcastle in 2019, after spending the majority of my life in Melbourne and Sydney, I bring a wealth of knowledge of the corporate world. I take pride in my ability to build strong partnerships with internal and external stakeholders in a variety of business sizes, structures and industries.

Striving to remain current on all emerging marketing, I focus on the development of efficient and effective sales and marketing processes through the use of market-leading crm, marketing and sales tools.

Stubborn in nature, I see problems as challenges, and have a habit of not accepting when someone tells me something is not possible. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than being told something isn’t possible, and then finding a way to make it work!

Tactical inbound marketing will work wonders for your business

“How can we do things better?” – This question drives me and I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you. Together, we will find new solutions to your marketing challenges.

Ask me about
Inbound marketing software and strategies
HubSpot CRM, marketing, sales & service tools
How to streamline your business processes
How to enjoy your city like a tourist
Where to find the best gin martini
Looking for growth? The right tools and strategies will get you there.

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