Hi, I’m Lindsey Stace, Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Lindsey Stace, Operations Manager

Building a well-oiled machine so we can deliver more value to you

Throughout Lindsey Stace’s career history, she has been well-known as the ‘go-to’ person who has been able to look at an issue and work collaboratively to fix or improve it.

Her passion is in finding improvements and efficiencies in the way that businesses work through technology and through process development.

She plays a powerful role in ensuring our day-to-day in The Marketing GP office works like magic, and supports our client-based processes to streamline your experience for improved outcomes. She is extremely knowledgeable around workflows and automations, and our go-to for any complex spreadsheet solutions we want to implement.

The right systems matter

I work behind the scenes at The Marketing GP to refine our processes and systems so we can better deliver quality services to you, our clients. I have an extensive background doing this in a range of top performing companies, including Hunter Water Corporation, City of Newcastle, Lifeline Direct and more.

I have a deep understanding of the workings of a range of businesses in an array of industries and can find solutions to improve systems for increased performance.

After completing a course beyond my Bachelor of Management in HR and Diploma of Project Management in Business Analytics, I also have the skills and passion for delivering insights that help business owners to make more informed decisions.

Cultivating a culture where people can shine

One of my key roles is to work collaboratively with the team of experienced marketers at The Marketing GP to build their capabilities. We foster a culture which is vibrant, where team members are valued and supported, and are given the right tools and skills to help them do their job well.

If I am not in the office, I am generally spending time with the family and friends, experiencing new things and having a good laugh. To throw something else in the mix, in the last year or so, I have been embracing a new life as a Moto mum!

Ask me about
A good spreadsheet
Process improvement to improve efficiency
Business analytics to guide decision making
Our career opportunities and culture
Could your business benefit from a competitive edge?

Find some time to chat with me about your business' unique needs.

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