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certified HubSpot partner

Grow your business through expert inbound marketing

Are you looking for the perfect remedy to bring more customers to your business?

Looking for a certified HubSpot agency in Newcastle? Our team specialises in revenue-focused inbound and HubSpot marketing solutions to drive customers, leads and loyalty to your business. We take a holistic approach to maximising results by creating a tailored inbound marketing solution designed for your business, goals and ideal customers.

As a HubSpot marketing agency based in Newcastle, we are your go-to for inbound marketing, lead creation and nurturing, and customer journey solutions.

You’ll find that we are roll up your coat sleeves kind of marketing specialists…we’ll give your business a health check, identify any ailments and provide an integrated inbound marketing approach that will drive healthier outcomes for your business.

We’ll ensure you get the most out of the most powerful CRM platform on the market – HubSpot. We provide HubSpot onboarding to Newcastle businesses, so you can use the platform yourself.

The Marketing GP is your Hubpot partner offering the miracle cure that will turn your business into a growth engine.

Brand awareness

We use dynamic marketing tools, the science of inbound marketing and HubSpot’s sophisticated platform to build your brand and attract the right customers. We take a holistic approach to your marketing to ensure we build brand awareness and deliver the right messages, at the right time, in the right way for better results and increased market share.

Lead generation

We use sophisticated digital marketing tools to drive people to your website and capture their information so we can deliver them with an exceptional and seamless customer experience that takes them smoothly through the buying process.


HubSpot actively tracks your customer’s touchpoints and journey to provide real, meaningful insights into your customer’s needs and interests and to measure return on your investment. As your marketing partner, we continuously tweak, treat and improve your inbound marketing approach to continuously grow your success.

Customer loyalty

We create and deliver exceptional experiences through personalised and automated marketing via HubSpot. Our refined approach increases loyalty to your brand and the likelihood that your customers make additional purchases in the future.


We automate your marketing and communication processes where possible, so you have a well-oiled marketing machine that basically operates with little ongoing input from you.

HubSpot Marketing

how it works

As your HubSpot agency in Newcastle and a certified HubSpot partner, our approach to your digital marketing is centered around one key purpose – generating results.

  1. Diagnosing your HubSpot marketing needs.

We’ll get to the heart of your business and work to innovate your systems from top to bottom for an improved customer experienced and better results. We’ll work with you to create the right inbound marketing solution based on your needs, goals, products/services, budget and customers.

We will set your business up on the HubSpot tools you need and provide training and onboarding to your inhouse team so you can use the system with confidence.

  1. Prescribing the right services to get you the best return on your investment.

After agreeing on the right strategy for your business, we’ll implement our proven inbound marketing methodology. Our HubSpot marketing services include:

HubSpot agency in Newcastle, The Marketing GP
key data

Data extraction & management on HubSpot.

Persona development

So you know who your ideal customer is and how to drive them towards your brand through strategic marketing.

Custom Campaigns

Landing pages and website content with smart calls to action.

Social Content

Interesting, relevant and visually enticing social media content to create engagement with your brand.

Professional writing

Strategic blog content designed around your personas and key messaging.

Email Automation

Development and automation of your email journey to provide a seamless customer experience.

Brand positioning

Positioning your brand and products in front of the right people through digital advertising across channels like Google Ads, display ads and Facebook advertising.

Customer Journeys

Plan and creation of customer journeys and marketing funnels to improve results and loyalty for your brand.

Campaign results

Analysing and reporting campaign results so you can see the return on your investment.

As a full-service marketing agency, we can also provide specialist solutions that cover all aspects of your marketing needs. Click here to find out more about what we do.

3. Ongoing performance check-ups.

Our approach to generating leads for your business is based on smart and sophisticated marketing technology and insights. We’ll continue to review and tweak your strategy based on your performance and provide valuable insights into your business, potential offerings and your customers.

Why partner with us?

You’ll have one single point of contact

Save time and money wasted on liaising with multiple marketing service providers. We provide one single source for all your marketing, inbound marketing and HubSpot needs.

Get the best deal on your HubSpot system

As a certified HubSpot partner, we can get you the best license deal, provide guidance on the right tools for your business and onboard your team so you can confidently use your new system.

Scale up and down based on your needs

From implementing an inbound marketing solution for your business to providing additional marketing support around things like branding, traditional marketing, and events, we can scale up and scale down our service based on your needs.

Access to a team of specialists

As a boutique marketing firm with our finger on the pulse for all things marketing, we offer specialists who have knowledge and expertise across all marketing channels.

Get the best deal on your HubSpot system

As a certified HubSpot partner, we can get you the best license deal, provide guidance on the right tools for your business and onboard your team so you can confidently use your new system.

Ready to get started? Book a chat with our Chief of Marketing today.