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Grow smarter by knowing when to scale up your marketing team with a hybrid marketing team

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Have you thought about developing a hybrid marketing team? Do you know what that is?

Ever catch yourself jotting down another great marketing idea you had at an event or noticed another business doing? Do you revisit your marketing plan and wonder why you haven’t ticked off everything yet? Or perhaps you daydream of running an event for your customers, partners or to benefit your community?

But then you remember your small – or perhaps one-person – marketing team. It is already up to its ears with content creation, internal marketing, PR, social media, crisis management and more. Yes, they are kicking goals and achieving great things, but the speed they are already working at would give Vin Diesel a run for his money. Plus, unlike Vinnie, they’ve probably only got a few turbocharges up their sleeve each year.

The daily grind for your marketing team can make it difficult to achieve big-picture goals! Let alone allow you to measure your marketing efforts.

So what's the answer?

Thankfully, scaling up your marketing team by outsourcing projects, tasks or events to an external agency can help you tick off the items on your wish list.

This is where a hybrid marketing team comes in. They collaborate with your internal resources, to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Here are the benefits of scaling up your internal marketing team through an external agency.

1. Access to an on-demand marketing service.

Rapid growth in your business can overwhelm your marketing team. You might also find that there are peak periods throughout the year during which your marketing team is swamped. This might mean the results you want to achieve in other areas of your marketing simply aren’t happening. These peak periods might come around the time of an event or a big marketing or business project that you’re working on.

During these times, having extra help from an external agency can help ensure your ship is still pointed in the right direction – towards your marketing and business goals.

The best thing is you can scale your external marketing team up or down to suit your current needs. So you can have access to specialised skills … only when you need them.

2. Save on costs by using a hybrid marketing team.

Looking to add to your marketing prowess? But not ready to pay up for the capital costs of hiring and training employees, and buying equipment? Upscaling your marketing team might be the solution. Having an outsourcing partner who you can rely on when you need them can help you save on operational costs and ensure your resources aren’t wasted.

3. Access a range of skill-sets and specialisations.

Marketing agencies, like The Marketing GP, live and breathe marketing. They have the time and skill-sets needed to stay ahead of trends and the experience to know which strategies will work best for your business.

If you look for a marketing general practitioner, you will also find that their team has a range of skill-sets rather than specialising in one area. They’ll have people who specialise in strategy, web development, graphic design, content creation, public relations and more.

Working with an agency allows you to tap into multiple skill-sets for the one price.

4. A hybrid marketing team can help you to finally complete the big projects you’ve always wanted to.

Many internal marketing teams find themselves wearing lots of hats – switching from a sombrero to a fedora to a beret to a baseball cap to an akubra throughout the working day. Juggling many hats to achieve more sounds productive, right? But it can hinder performance and productivity, particularly when it comes to ticking off those big-picture goals.

Removing a few of those hats and handing them to an external agency can help you manage workflow. And it allows you to focus on the big projects that you’ve always wanted to that will push your business forward.

How to create the right marketing hybrid approach for your business

The hybrid approach between a marketing agency and in-house marketing team is all about finding the right way to cut your marketing pie.

For example, you might decide to divvy your tasks as outlined below.

hybrid marketing team, The Marketing GP
hybrid marketing team, The Marketing GP
hybrid marketing team, The Marketing GP

If you notice your marketing team is struggling under the weight of your business’ growth and goals, outsourcing small portions to an external agency can help you stay firm.