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Public Relations for your Business

Like any business concept, Public Relations for your Business can be presented as something complex. But at the very heart of PR is the premise of letting the world know about your business. Let the world know how awesome you are.

Crisis management PR is a whole other kettle of fish, but if you want to undertake some ongoing proactive PR the first step is to start letting media outlets know what it is you’re doing. Don’t assume they already know! Of course, your news must be interesting and noteworthy in some way, so often it is up to you to determine the angle or ‘hook’.

Think about Public Relations for your Business

So have a think about what is happening in your business and then take the next step and consider why someone might want to read or hear about it.

Have you had a new key member of the team start with you?

  • What is special about the new member of the team? Is it the experience they bring with them?
  • How many people are a part of your team now?
  • Why will they be of benefit to your customers/clients?

Have you moved offices?

  • Did you move offices because your business is growing? Has this expansion been rapid, or steady growth?
  • Is there something interesting about the new premises? Is it a ‘green’ office or in a high traffic area?

Have you won an award?

  • What type of award was it?
  • Who were your competitors?
  • How were the awards judged?

Are you involved in charity or pro bono work?

  • Is it a longstanding relationship?
  • How are your staff involved?
  • Why do you have a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility?
So any time something happens in your business, stop, and consider if it is worthy of a mention somewhere.

If you’ve now got the PR bug, check out some handy tips to gaining PR coverage.

If you would like to take your understanding of PR to the next level, contact the marketing gp today!

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