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A very Merry Christmas from The Marketing GP!

It’s almost the end of another year. 2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging one, and we’re excited to celebrate the end of it as a team. We want to say a massive Merry Christmas to you all, and hope you have a happy and safe holiday (hopefully with loved ones, if COVID-19 restrictions allow for it!).

As you may already know, our team grew again this year – The Marketing GP family is currently the biggest it has ever been! We took this opportunity to gain a little more insight into each of our team members, their highlights of the year, and what they took away from the marketing space in 2020.

, The Marketing GP

Chief Marketer | Holly Martin

2020 – what a year!

My highlight this year has been seeing marketing thrive.

Whilst there was a moment earlier in the year that we all hit the panic button, that soon corrected itself and we have been able to launch some awesome campaigns for our existing clients that have cemented their position in the market.

Plus, we have welcomed some amazing new clients, and onboarded them to our way of doing things – it’s all about setting them up for success with a strategic plan that focuses on leveraging all of their content through integration. Our pet hate is seeing wasted content!

, The Marketing GP

Alyssa Brault | Marketing Strategy Manager

2020, although challenging, has also been a wonderful opportunity for our clients to embrace new digital marketing channels that have enabled growth in ways they didn’t seem possible before.

Sometimes it takes adversity for business owners to embrace something new, and we’ve loved helping our clients take the next step they need to take to give them the competitive edge they desire.

, The Marketing GP

Caroline Dando | Marketing Client Services Manager

This year has shown how important it is to be able to rely on each other – both in business and in life. Knowing that we are all playing individual parts, that combine to achieve brilliant results, provides great comfort and security.

It has been amazing to be able to support local businesses by keeping their marketing on track. I’ve also enjoyed watching them grow as they invest in their core business.

, The Marketing GP

Claire Raymond | Inbound Marketing Manager

After arriving in Newcastle last year, it has been an absolute pleasure to join the team at The Marketing GP in 2020.

Over the last ten months, a highlight has definitely been working with clients to review their sales and marketing processes. I’ve loved helping them find software solutions to take their business from “what we’ve always done” to “best practice”.

, The Marketing GP

Blythe Scully | Copywriting Manager

My highlight for 2020 has been how The Marketing GP has thrived as a team. Despite the obvious challenges, we’ve continued to strengthen our capabilities as a full-service marketing agency.

Every team member has their unique special something they contribute, and combined we really make marketing magic happen!

, The Marketing GP

Ellen Mitchell | Website & Graphic Design Coordinator

Real growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. As we learnt to safeguard our personal bubbles against a global pandemic, we were also pushed beyond our safe and comforting bubbles in order to adapt.

This saw outstanding results for not only our internal team of eccentric and spritely marketing geeks, but for our current and future clients. By stepping past the comfort and fear zones, we embraced the learning zone to acquire new skills and deal with the challenges we faced.

I feel warm and fuzzy when I see the extra members in our powerhouse of a team, and the exceptional service we have delivered our clients in this turbulent year. New service areas have been developed, more happy faces are in the office and ongoing rewarding client feedback are just some of the highlights from an interesting 2020!

, The Marketing GP

Elle Nixon | Social Media & Graphic Design Coordinator

The challenges of this year have really highlighted for me just how resilient and creative people can be.

We’ve seen businesses pivot their offerings and, in doing so, they have opened so many more doors and opportunities for themselves. Our team has had a hand in helping our clients leverage online systems, create digital experiences, and develop new approaches. I’ve been proud to work on and be a part of it all.

, The Marketing GP


This year has given insight into many things but in particular, one highlight is to never underestimate the power of your network and knowing people! I have had the privilege of joining The Marketing GP team recently, and that all came to fruition from being part of an incredible community.

, The Marketing GP

Hannah Stretton | Public Relations & Content Coordinator

If there’s anything we’ve learnt as marketers this year, it’s that there’s always room for improvement and growth.

Even if it’s the tiniest improvement, it’s something worth embracing – especially when things seem all doom and gloom. It’s these tiny steps, taken in the direction of improvement, that can ensure better outcomes for your customers and fellow team members.

, The Marketing GP

Gemma Ferguson | Client Services Coordinator

This is my third year with The Marketing GP and this business continues to surprise me in the best ways possible.

2020 has been a challenging year but, by banding together, our team made the best of it. We cleared every hurdle, and I’m so impressed with how well our team not only survived, but thrived and grew, throughout such unprecedented times. I was also inspired to see how well our clients handled the pandemic.

, The Marketing GP

Laura Reilly | Client Services Coordinator

This year was my introduction to the world of marketing, and it has certainly been memorable! Even though we faced challenges, like most businesses throughout the year, I’m proud to have begun working at The Marketing GP in one of the most challenging but most exciting years yet!

I’ve loved joining this fantastic team and being able to help all of our wonderful clients through the challenges 2020 has thrown at them!

, The Marketing GP

FERNAN CARANAY | WordPress Developer

My highlight for 2020 joining The Marketing GP! It’s only been a few months becoming a part of the team and I have already learnt so many new things. It has shown me that there is more than one method to achieving the right outcome for our clients. And that being part of a supportive team is an amazing feeling!

As always, we’re so grateful for your continued support – even more so in a year as tough as 2020!

That’s why we put together this fun video, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. We’re thankful to have such a passionate, hard-working team, who strive to deliver quality work for our amazing clients. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your marketing options for 2021


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