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Is email marketing worth it?

Email marketing can be a really useful marketing tool – but only if done correctly! When you use email marketing you are talking directly to your customers/clients or prospects, which is a really powerful thing.

Provide information of value

The first step is to figure out what type of content your target audience would be interested in receiving. Because this is often where businesses make their first mistake. You shouldn’t send out emails that matter to you – you should send out emails that matter to your clients/customers or prospects.

And what matters to them is that they are receiving something of value – and that will differ for every business.

I think the thing to focus on is whether or not the end reader would actually be interested in what you send. I think that sometimes businesses get caught up in what they think people want, as opposed to what the clients or prospects actually want.

And how do you know what they want?

Trial and error! Basically you make an educated decision, based on the information you have at hand. Then after every email you review your open and click rates to determine if you got it right! Then repeat.

Review the unsubscribes, but don’t sweat them

The other thing to remember is to not get too caught up in unsubscribes.

At the end of the day if people don’t want to hear from you, that’s ok.

Not every business is suitable for every person.

You want to be reviewing your unsubscribes as they can help you to determine if you are providing information of value (as mention above), but if you know your content is on track then having people unsubscribe is ok, because it means they are no longer interested in your product or service.

And it’s better to get them off your list, rather than staying, but not opening or clicking, because then that skews your data anyway.

Create segments within your list

Gone are the days of one master database that contains all your contacts – whether they are clients/customers, prospects, affiliates, referrers, friends and family! If you really want to kick some email marketing goals, you have to make people think you are talking directly to them. Which is easier than you think.

By segmenting your list you are able to group ‘like’ contacts together. And this can be in more than one way.

You can segment by whether they have bought from you or not, what gender they are, where they live or work, what their interests are … and so much more!

It is all about having a great email marketing tool (like MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign etc etc) and then actually using the segmentation elements of the tool.

Be clear in your goals

Another area that businesses tend to overlook is being clear in what they want the recipient to do.

Think about why you are sending the email … Is it to get people to buy a product online, to book an appointment, to give you a call?

Make it easy for people by being really clear in your call-to-action. You readers are busy, so even if you’ve hooked them in, if you don’t make it easy for them, they won’t convert.

Be strategic in your email marketing

No surprise here, but the way that you will get the best outcome from your email marketing is to consider it as part of a wider marketing strategy.

No marketing tool will ever be 100 per cent successful if you are not using it as part of a strategic, integrated and leveraged approach to marketing … which can sound a bit overwhelming, but really it is about developing your marketing plan.

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