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Uber Eats marketing campaign – cut-through marketing by pairing an unlikely duo

Every so often there is a campaign that makes me get a warm glow – the most recent is the Uber Eats marketing campaign.

I had noticed Lisa Wilkinson putting up teaser content on Instagram about something Kim Kardashian was about to launch, so I already had my interest piqued. But then I got to see something glorious.

So glorious and well arranged, in fact, that when I saw the ad I didn’t initially realise this was what Lisa has been hinting at the whole time.

Let me paint the picture for you.

Sharon Strezlecki is lounging on the couch, talking to Kim. The setup is great because, to start with, we all think Sharon would be – of course – speaking to Kim Craig (from Kath & Kim, duh).

But then the camera angle changes, and it is the best reveal you can imagine – Kim Kardashian-West!           View this post on Instagram                  

Introducing the newest netball duo Sharon Strzelecki (@magda_szubanski) and Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) 🏐 #TonightIllBeEating • • • #sharonstrizlecki #kimkardashian #kimkardashianwest #ubereats #KKW #ubereatsaustralia #netball #netballaustralia #noice

A post shared by Uber Eats Australia (@ubereats_aus) on Nov 24, 2019 at 1:01am PST

Cue the applause

These two foxy ladies are wearing netball outfits, but not the lycra nettie outfits of today. The ones that hark back to the 80s and 90s (when I was playing netball), with the non-breathable polo shirt and uncomfortable netball skirt with the pleating, paired with the netball bib. You know, the outfit that I feel Sharon is most famous for!

And I had to look twice when I saw Kim’s bib, as it plays into her personal brand perfectly to have her the bib read KKW. It’s the details like this that make this campaign brilliant.

The two sit and have a chat about what they are going to have for dinner. One of the highlights is Sharon teaching Kim how to pronounce ‘noice’.

And to be honest, I am not even bothered by the fact that there is no way that Kim would order Uber Eats. This campaign is crossing over between fictional characters and non-fictional characters. We know it’s Kim playing Kim, but also Kim playing a fictional character. And for some reason it just works.

uber eats marketing campaign, The Marketing GP

The Uber Eats marketing campaign featuring Kim Kardashian is pure brilliance.

The genius in this Uber Eats marketing campaign is that it doesn’t polarise the audience – which is something that Kim K has been known to do. It puts her in the most unlikely pairing, in a way that will engender the audience, not put them off. Uber Eats’ marketing team is very clever. They have created a great balance through the ambassadors/influencers they’ve chosen for this campaign.

In our team we are always talking about ‘one piece of content, many ways’, and this is something that Uber Eats has done brilliantly. After I saw the advertisement itself, I went looking for other content, and it felt even better than the ad.

There is legit some content of Kim K wearing a bowl-cut wig. Can we take a moment to appreciate this – that is next level.

I take my hat off to Kim K for embracing the Aussie spirit of taking the piss.

We all know that she has a carefully curated image she upholds, so it is even more amazing to see her relax the ‘rules’ and don the wig.

uber eats marketing campaign, The Marketing GP
Kim in a bowl-cut is just perfection

And in the blurry line between reality and characters, Sharon has some suggestions for a new makeup line from Kim – perhaps something for pash rash (you really need to watch Kath & Kim if you don’t know what this is).

It also shows that marketing campaigns can maintain relevancy.

The concept – ‘Tonight I’ll be eating’ – was launched about two years ago here in Australia. During that time, the campaign has featured a range of well-known Australian stars. Sophie Monk, Rebel Wilson, Naomie Watts and Boy George to name a few.

The campaigns have been entertaining and clever, but this has really set the bar high. They have found a new and creative way to cut through, whilst still working within their overarching strategy.

The added benefit is obviously the free public relations buzz this campaign has already generated. So in addition to their media spend for advertising, they are getting a heap of free coverage as well. Need we even mention the reach that will be gained through Kim’s enormous digital following.

But I wonder how the original horn bag Kim (of Kath & Kim) feels about being usurped in this Uber Eats marketing campaign? 😉 She’s probably opened a box of ‘kardonnay’, settled in with some footy franks and thinks this marketing campaign is “it’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual”.

If you’d like to talk to us about marketing campaigns, we’d love to hear from you!

What do the critics think?

Sharon from Kath and Kim teaching Kim Kardashian how to say “noice?” This Uber Eats Australia ad has blown my mind https://t.co/lXHp5SzSHa

— Kat Hannaford (@KatHannaford) November 24, 2019

@KimKardashian I literally just got twitter to tell you your UberEats ad is iconic… I don’t think you know how much it means to us Aussies love ya Kim❤️

— Mady Song (@SongMady) November 24, 2019


Kim Kardashian West really did an uber eats advertisement with Sharon Strzelecki… this is the most unexpected and one of my favourite things she’s ever done

— marley (@aventgardener_) November 24, 2019

Wondering if @KimKardashian has ever had a chicken schnitty and chips w/ chicken salt… Noicee Uber Eats ad heheh.

— Janelle (@mizjelz) November 24, 2019

This ad is everything 😱 #kimkardashianwest #magda #NOICE #UberEats @KimKardashian @MagdaSzubanski wow best Uber eats ad ever!!!! https://t.co/YUEZsHB5jx

— sammy dower (@sammydiva) November 24, 2019

Seeing @KimKardashian saying “NOICE” like a true Aussie with @MagdaSzubanski in a Uber Eats adis one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. pic.twitter.com/Noxq2T8bhL

— Isha (@Isha__mistry) November 24, 2019

that @KimKardashian & @MagdaSzubanski uber eats ad is pure GOLD 😂

— Georgia (@georgiaaro) November 24, 2019

My jaw fell to the floor – best ad in the world @KimKardashian @MagdaSzubanski @UberEats pic.twitter.com/wG2h514Isx

— Douglas Logan-Nelson (@_queen_of_shade) November 24, 2019

NOICE!!! Sharon Strzelecki and Kim Kardashian are THE ULTIMATE DYNAMIC DUO!!! I did not know I needed this in my life. An Australian cinematic masterpiece. Love the ad…well done @UberEats it’s brilliant! @MagdaSzubanski @KimKardashian pic.twitter.com/Z2bb0Jvbw1

— Melissa Elias (@MelissaJElias) November 24, 2019

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