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Wrapping up 2019 with a special Christmas message from the team

2019 has been another great year at The Marketing GP. As Christmas approaches, we wanted to wish all of our clients, stakeholders and followers a happy and safe holiday season.

In addition, we took the opportunity to reflect on the year that was and chat about one of our favourite areas of marketing for the year.

Each of the team have sat down, reflected on the year that was, and put together a special Christmas message for you (and a festive video, too!)

Holly Martin | Chief Marketer

This year has been a huge one for marketing technology! We love that marketing tools are ever-evolving and adapting. However, it can be quite overwhelming for businesses who aren’t in the marketing space or are trying to keep up with their consumers.

As marketing specialists, we spend a lot of time trialing and reviewing new technology as it is released. This way, we can advise clients on the best solution for their business and customers.

It has been exciting to implement some cost-effective, but well-suited, technology solutions for our client this year, that has allowed them more targeted access to their ideal clients/customers.

Another key highlight for me this year has been networking. I have always been an avid networker, but this year I decided to take three months off. I did this for two reasons. The first was that we were onboarding a heap of new clients all at the one time (great problem to have!). The second reason was that I wanted to see if there was a negative or positive result for the business, to reiterate to myself how valuable networking really is.

The result? When I returned to networking and/or was meeting with people, pretty much all of them were asking where I had been! For some of them it was because they were used to seeing me at events which provided a great opportunity for a quick catch-up. For others, they noticed the change in our social media – I wasn’t out and about as much.

Since I’ve booked more networking events in the calendar, more opportunities have started popping up for myself and the business. Just goes to show that the traditional marketing tricks still work today!

Kylie Screen | Chief, Marketing Operations

Adding new clients to our portfolio is always exciting. But 2019 saw a lot of diversification within our client base. Our team is delving into a variety of industries thanks to our range of client types. From hardware retailers, to health and safety conferences, to travel agents (and more!)

Working with charity groups in the local region has been particularly rewarding for our team. Creating opportunities for the community to support these local charities and raise much needed funds has certainly been a highlight for me.

I am grateful that we can provide the marketing expertise required to ensure that these charities are represented well in this space. It’s always great to give back.

Alyssa Brault | Manager Marketing Strategy

One of the big things we’ve been helping our clients with this year is mapping of their marketing. We’ve helped plan out customer journeys and used technology to provide an integrated and seamless experience.

Helping our clients to understand the way their customers move through their services, and engage with them across their various platforms, is key to effective marketing. With advancements in technology, we’re now better able to track the digital footprint of our client’s customers. This means we can ensure we’re providing the most valuable, personalised information at the right time.

This targeted and even personalised automated approach helps generate leads, build on conversion numbers and improve customer relationships. This results in longer partnerships and trust between the customer, the service and the business.

We’ve seen some remarkable results for our clients already! And we’re look forward to helping more businesses leverage customer journey mapping in the new year.

Ellen Mitchell | Website & Graphic Design Coordinator

This year I have thrived on expanding my marketing skillset and expanding the digital presence of our clients. A key area has obviously been websites, consistently improving upon their online reach and enhancing their brand within the digital space.

There are always new things to learn, with technology consistently changing and our clients’ eagerness to grow. The Marketing GP continues to develop our digital capabilities. In turn, I see my industry knowledge evolve, and client satisfaction nurtured.

Hannah Stretton | Clients Services Coordinator

There is nothing better than being able to share the successes of our clients. This year we have continued to see the benefits of perfecting content pitches to media, and leveraging public relations for clients to provide better business outcomes.

In 2019, we’ve strengthened connections with the media. As always, focusing on a personalised touch has really allowed us to score some big media wins for our clients. Word of mouth is one thing, but word of the media is another. If you can master the art of the pitch, you’ve got yourself a good thing. Whilst I work across all areas of the The Marketing GP, one of my key focuses is public relations. I really pride myself on getting it just right.

Sharing these successes both internally and externally with our clients has been a real highlight of 2019. It’s something that the team and I look forward to learning more about in 2020.

Gemma Ferguson | Client Services Coordinator

One of my favourite parts about working with The Marketing GP is how we get to know our clients; the team here really do live and breathe their brands.

Even when we’re not working, we are! We are keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities for our clients – I can’t even watch TV without a million campaign ideas popping into my head.

Having just celebrated my second year with the team, I’ve continued to get to know our clients and their businesses better than ever before! I feel I’ve strengthened my rapport with my key clients, learning lots of new things along the way.

We have always talked about marketing being a transferable skill. That’s why it’s vital to get to know the industry our clients operate in. No two days here are the same, so I’m always finding out new things about marketing, and the variety of industries our clients represent!

Tarin Cromarty | Client Services Coordinator

I am fortunate enough to help organise events for our clients and this year, we’ve managed expos, awards, fundraisers, networking events, sponsor events, and more. Each is rewarding in its own way. Whether it be new connections made, greater attendee numbers, or a record fundraising effort. There is always something to be proud of.

Receiving amazing feedback from event guests is what pushes me to make every event as good as it can possibly be. Unlike some of my other internal client tasks, events allow me to interact with lots of new people. And receiving recognition or feedback from these people means so much to me. It really makes me feel that my hard work has paid off.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes to watch our events come together is always a highlight. It is as if I have a behind the scenes pass for the event process! And it has given me a new appreciation for the work that goes into events.

Thanks again for another great year, especially to our clients and supporters. We’re keen to dive into 2020 and wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New years.Contact our team today

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